The Truth About Cars takes us on a three day journey test driving a new Nissan Leaf. Makes for fascinating reading for those of us contemplating buying an electric vehicle later this decade and wondering what the experience might be like.  Clearly it is made for shorter distances (to and from work) and make sure you know in advance where the recharging stations are located if you are caught out on the road with a dying battery.  And cold weather and hills add to battery anxiety.

Here is Day 1.

Here is Day 2.

Here is Day 3.

The Bottom Line:

The Leaf is a commuter car. This term has never been so appropriately applied to a single model before. While some may buy a Prius or Fiesta to commute, they are still multi-purpose vehicles while the Leaf has a more singular focus. Just like you would not expect a 2-door sports coupé to be all things to everyone, neither can we expect a short range full electric vehicle to be everyone’s cup of tea…In a hot climate like Arizona, a Leaf would essentially make it to and from work without issue even when driving it like a normal car. That in itself is the function. It’s not made for long commutes (although with an 8 hour day and 240V charging at each end, even an 80 mile commute would be possible.) If you can set your anxiety aside, have a 240V home charger or live near a planned 480V quick charge station and are looking for a commuter car, the Leaf makes more sense than any number of $21K cars.



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