Welcome to Earth’s Energy, a blog about humanity’s never-ending quest for sources of energy to provide food, heat, light, power, and transportation.

Whether real or imagined, several concerns are converging and causing governments around the world to pause and rethink their 21st Century energy mix.  Increasingly we are warned of an exploding global population,  global warming, climate change, peak oil, shale gas fracking, nuclear safety, environmental degradation, and the unreliability of intermittent renewable energy sources.  And everywhere people are asking:  What should we do? Are we running out of oil?  Are our nuclear reactors safe? Should we abandon fossil fuels and nuclear energy and replace them entirely with renewables like wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.  Is this even possible?  Will our lights stay on or will we face blackouts and freeze in the dark?  Will our cars run out of fuel?  Should I buy an electric car?

Some are suggesting that to prevent a certain collapse of our civilization, humanity should simply retrace its steps to an earlier era where we will have less energy but a simpler but safer and more environmentally safer world? Others say new cleaner technologies will emerge that can provide 10 billion people with all the power they will ever need without causing a danger to life on our planet?   Who is right?

Earth Energy will report how these profound ideas  are affecting the decision-making of governments and citizens around the globe and ultimately your own lives.  In addition we will highlight the new technologies that are promising to solve our  energy quandry.  At the same time we will discuss  the potential economic, scientific and political issues each of these technologies raise.

We invite you to explore, comment on and discuss the ideas and technologies that are shaping our world as we pursue new and old energy sources to power the 21st century.

If you would like to contribute a post, send us an email at anthropowerinfo@gmail.com

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