Recycling Product News tells us that waste to energy projects will grow at a rate of about 11% over the next decade.  Referring to a report by SBI Energy, more and more municipalities are looking to incineration, plasma gasification, pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion to help with shrinking space for landfill around them.  The waste is converted into electricity. heat, natural gas and diesel.

…there is the staggering amount of waste we produce globally, which is estimated at somewhere around 2 billion tons per year. This much waste cannot be ignored. Especially when it is so full of valuable energy.

As landfill availability continues to decline, the demand for waste management solutions will remain regardless of economic stresses, and will continue to drive the installation of new waste-to-energy facilities.

As a renewable resource, waste to energy projects have the added bonus of creating green energy while improving the environment.

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