Dynamic Fuels (a joint venture of Syntroleum and Tyson Foods) is converting  chicken, beef, pork, and turkey fat into a better diesel fuel than most oil refineries produce.

Rather than use food ingredients such as corn or soybean oil to produce synthetic fuel, the company uses animal fats and greases.

Gary Roth, chief executive officer of Syntroleum, said, “Our U.S. plant is producing some of the highest quality diesel fuel in the world, and best of all, it is renewable with a carbon footprint 75 percent below that of petroleum diesel. We can also make renewable, high value specialty distillate products that can be used in a wide variety of applications such as dry cleaning, ink cartridges and drilling fluids, and we are actively pursuing these markets.”

Production at the Geismar, Louisiana plant began last fall and in July produced 5.4 million US gallons (20.4 million litres).  The plant has an annual capacity of 75 million US gallons.

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