autobloggreen notes the US city of Los Angeles is ordering 25 electric buses. This is the first time The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has purchased all-electric buses.  The purpose is to determine if this technology can meet the city’s transportation needs. If these work out, the Authority may purchase up to 20 additional buses. The BYD electric buses can travel 155 miles between charges – and that’s when they’re full of passengers – due to the on-board iron phosphate rechargeable batteries. Los Angeles already has the largest compressed natural gas (CNG) bus fleet in the US.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is purchasing 35 all-electric buses reports Next-Gen Transportation News. The buses will be used to shuttle passengers between airport terminals and aircraft. The 40-foot BYD electric bus has a range of 155 miles on a full charge, which takes about five hours to fill.

The US city of Washington has ordered 85 diesel-electric hybrid buses for its city bus fleet. These buses will be 20% more fuel-efficient than the diesel buses they are replacing according to Next-Gen Transportation News.

DesignNews wants to know how much you are willing to pay for an electric car. Apparently we are going to soon find out.  In the US several car companies have reduced their prices or lease rates for EVs in an effort to boost sales. Now it is up to consumers to determine whether these price cuts are sufficient to overcome their range anxiety.

Ford, Nissan, Honda, and Fiat have cut prices on their pure electric cars, and Chevy has shaved the sticker on its Volt plug-in hybrid. Now the auto industry will hold its collective breath and see what happens.


What would it take to put you in an electric car? If the prices were comparable with those for gasoline-based vehicles, would you make the jump?

Others also commented on these EV price cuts.  See Time, Falling Electric Car Prices Are Saving — Or Destroying — the EV Market and Bloomberg, Rival Electric Car Makers Shred Sticker Prices.

J.D. Power Pinpoints Problems with EVs we learn from AUTOSPHERE. The automobile research company thinks electric vehicle manufacturers should focus on reducing  “consumer pain points” related to the following five factors if they want to see an increase in EV sales. These “pain points” include reducing the selling price of the vehicles, increasing the size of the vehicles to make them more family friendly, increasing consumer confidence in their reliability by resolving range anxiety and cold weather problems, and improving the battery recharging network and battery recharging times. As noted above, in the US the automakers are

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