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plugincars explains The Basics of Electric Vehicle Public Charging. The post looks at the types of charging, how to find public charging stations, and the best way to plan a trip.

Green Car Reports says a new app from ChargePoint enables Android and iPhone users to find any electric vehicle charging station in the US.

From Business Wire we learn a new report from Pike Research forecasts global wireless EV charging system sales will reach 280,000 by 2020. Currently, wireless EV charging systems are not on the commercial market, but at least one manufacturer (Evatran) intends to bring a system to market in the first half of 2013. You can access the report here. See also Green Car Reports for a description as to how wireless EV charging works and The New York Times Wireless charging may be key to electric vehicle success, BMW and Nissan already developing technology.

Energy Efficiency news notes IBM has a project to simplify electric vehicle charging and payment for customers wherever they are in Europe. The ‘B2B Marketplace’ demonstration will allow energy suppliers,  auto makers, and charging point owners to share and integrate services on one IT platform. This will create a network of electric vehicle charging services compatible across Europe, allowing EV drivers to charge their vehicles and pay, regardless of geography or border just like international roaming on a mobile phone. The demonstration is part of a European Union effort to establish a Europe-wide electric vehicle infrastructure by 2015.

Energy & Capital informs us that electric taxi cabs are now in Hong Kong. 2013 should see Nissan, Toyota, BYD and Fiat offering EV taxi cab service in this Chinese city.

The Chinese city of Shanghai is offering additional EV subsidies, on top of those already offered by the Chinese government reports ENGLISH.EASTDAY. To encourage individuals to buy new-energy cars before the end of next year, the city will pay a subsidy of 40,000 yuan (US$6,415) for electric vehicles and 30,000 yuan for plug-in hybrids. Each type of vehicle will also get a free license plate. The subsidy will be given directly to car manufacturers, who will then reduce the retail price of a new energy car by the same amount. The central government offers a maximum 60,000 yuan subsidy.

The US will see more hybrids and EVs in 2013 reports fuelFix. Automotive forecaster Alan Baum sees six new hybrid vehicle models and eight more plug-ins joining the existing stock of EVs in US showrooms. From  2009 to 2013, the number of hybrid vehicle models offered will have doubled to 50 and the number of plug-ins will have jumped from one to 28.

nextgreencar says UK sales of EVs will double in 2013 as prices start to fall. Cheaper cars and more charging points could increase sales from 3000 this year to 6000 next year.




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