The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has come out with a new forecast for the sale of alternative fuel vehicles in that country and has significantly lowered its predictions from last year. Canada Free Press compares last year’s forecast to this year’s with graphs. The EIA’s forecast of 2013 sales of all alternative-fuel vehicles are lower than its 2012 forecast by about 37%, or over 1.65 million fewer vehicle sales. The largest negative impact is in sales of flex-fuel vehicles and in sales of battery-powered electric vehicles. Offsetting these decreases are increases in sales of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. “EIA’s 2013 forecasts show that President Obama’s one million electric cars on the road by 2015 is just a pipe dream with only a few thousand electric vehicles a year being sold between now and then. In fact, according to EIA forecasts, it is not until about 2035, that EIA finds one million electric vehicles on the road.”

Pike Research expects 4 million EV charging stations in Europe by 2020 we hear from CENS. This figure includes public and private stations. “In many ways, Europe is the ideal market for electric vehicles,” said Pike research director John Gartner. “European consumers, accustomed to smaller city cars and driving shorter distances, are expected to shift to EVs at a more rapid pace than motorists in North America. Also, because more Europeans live in multi-unit dwellings, commercial charging equipment is likely to be more prevalent there than in North America.” Pike did mention one obstacle to achieving greater EV penetration: the lack of a single, region-wide alternating current EV charging connector standard limits the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. On this latter point see autobloggreen Electric charger standardization remains question, hurdle in Europe’s EV adoption.

Automotive Business Review says 58 million micro-hybrids will be produced in 2022. Stop/start vehicles, also known as micro-hybrids, will comprise 89% of the total hybrid and electric vehicle production market ten years from now forecasts IMS Research. Every major auto manufacturer is producing this type of vehicle for its CO2 emission saving benefits. The study found that todate there has been low consumer interest in ‘true’ hybrid and electric vehicles due to battery range anxiety. A stop/start system automatically shuts down and restarts the internal combustion engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling and thereby conserving fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Chinese city of Shenzhen plans to buy 1,000 green buses and 500 electric taxis next year reports CleanBiz Asia.

The Time Colonist says the Canadian city of Victoria will have 10 new EV charging stations by March 2013. All will installed at local businesses and are part of 145 Level 2 (240-volt) charging stations being installed around the province of British Columbia.

London driveways are to become part of the UK electric vehicle charging network according to FleetNews. Home owners can have a charging station installed for free in their driveway which they can then rent out to EV drivers who book online at This means for the first time London electric vehicle drivers will be able to reserve charge points in advance.

ecoRI reports the US state of Rhode Island plans to install at least 30 public electric vehicle charging stations in 2013. Currently, Rhode Island has seven charging stations.







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