AOL Autos gives us a profile of the typical EV driver.

TheGreenCar tells us EV repair bills are 35% less than gasoline (petrol) and diesel cars. The savings arise from the more simply drivetrain of an electric vehicle, meaning no need for oil changes or replacement exhaust systems for example.

China is already the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and consumer. Now a new study by Research and Markets says the country wants to be the global leader in the next-generation electric car industry as well. China has designated new energy vehicles (electric and hydrogen) as one of its seven new strategic industries and has set a goal of increasing the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles (excluding fuel battery cars) to 0.5 million units by 2015 and 5 million units by 2020. By comparison the country only sold 8,159 vehicles in 2011. However, SNE Research believes China’s EV target is not achievable since, as elsewhere, consumers will want hybrids instead of battery EVs or plug-in EVs. As a result, SNE Research expects China’s annual EV sales will reach only 4 million vehicles in 2020: battery electrics will account for 620,000 units, plug-ins for 410000 units, and hybrids 3 million units. See also hybridCars China To Sell Over 4 Million Electrified Vehicles in 2020.

autobloggreen gives us an infographic of the fastest electric cars in the world.

EVs can no longer be noiseless. As the The Telegraph reports, new international standards will require EV manufacturers to install artificial noise on new electric and hybrid vehicles to prevent people being run over by “silent killers” at pedestrian crossings. This is a particular concern for the blind and young children.

The US city of Chicago is offering incentives to convert diesel fleets to electric reports Truckinginfo. The program will provide participating fleets a voucher to be used at the point of sale, covering about 60% of the incremental cost of the electric vehicle conversion (over the cost that might be expected for a traditional diesel vehicle). The amount will be determined by the size of the trucks battery pack. The city expects to issue approximately 250 vouchers.

Formula E orders 42 electric cars for the 2014 season we learn from nitrobahn. The cars will be used in the Formula E Championship inaugural season in 2014. McLaren Electronic Systems will design and construct the powertrain for the first Formula E car.

plugincars tells us about a guide to EV chargers at US airports.




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