Slovakia has its first fast charging station for EVs. Energy in Slovakiasays the nation’s first fast-charging station has opened in Bratislava and is able to fully charge a vehicle in 20 minutes. Charging is free of charge until the end of 2012. The station is part of a new “green highway” being built between the Slovak capital and Vienna, Austria.

in my Community tells us the city of Perth, Australia is creating an EV charging network. The network is a first for the country, with 23 new fast-charge stations installed as part of a project led by researchers at the University of Western Australia. Most of the charging stations are dual outlets that can charge two vehicles at the same time. Currently there are about 100 EVs in the Perth area. You can read more about it here.

ThomasNet posts about the first ABB fast DC charger in the US. The unit has been installed in New Berlin, Wisconsin. The public site can charge EVs in as little as 15 minutes. EV owners will be able to use RFID cards, swipe them through the card reader on the Terra 51 direct current fast charger and begin charging. See also Energy & Capital, Ultra-Fast Charging Technology Spreads.

Meanwhile, hybridCARS informs us the Université de Sherbrooke will be rolling out an EV electric route between Montreal and Sherbrooke in Canada’s province of Quebec. The 5 stations will become part of the province’s Electric Circuit, Canada’s first public charging network for EVs.

CNET says a new website will educate and assist San Francisco, California EV owners. The site is called Bay Area Plug-In Electric Vehicle Ready and ca be accessed here. The purpose of the site is to put all the Bay Area electric vehicle information in one place for current owners and new or prospective EV buyers.

What happens to EV batteries at the end of their lifespan?  TheGreenCar introduces us to a new EV battery recycling center in Florence, South Carolina.  The center expects to recycle 132,000 metric tons every year. Owned by Johnson Controls, 98% of the batteries are recycled. Lead and polypropylene is reused to make more electric car batteries; while the electrolyte is transformed into sodium sulphate that can be used in detergent manufacturing, glass and textiles. The iron by-products are reused in industrial processes.

The US city of Memphis, Tennessee has its first solar-powered EV charging station posts THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL. The station can charge 10 vehicles at the same time. In addition, it will generate clean power for the electrical grid.

Green Car Reports asks: What Happens To Abandoned Electric-Car Charging Stations?

cayCompass reports the Cayman Islands will have a 10% import duty reduction for electric cars and motorcycles. The reduction means the 32% levy charged on the import of an electric vehicle would drop to 22%.

The Larne Times notes that EV drivers in Northern Ireland will have designated charging bays in the cities of Larne, Belfast, Londonderry, Newry, Armagh and Enniskillen. Presently, over 40 public charge-points bays are now available in these cities. Over the next year the number of charge points will increase to approximately 160. In addition, 14 rapid chargers are currently being installed close to major roads that can allow an electric vehicle to charge to 80 per cent of its capacity in just 25 minutes.





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