ENO says low charging costs significantly reduce the lifetime cost of ownership of EVs for fleet operators. According to a recent report from Pike Research, the low “fuel cost” (i.e. cost of charging) of electric vehicles, including both plug-in hybrid and battery electric models, brings their total cost of ownership to below those of conventional vehicles or other types of alternative fuel vehicles, offsetting the higher average vehicle prices. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) offer the lowest ownership cost of any of the 17 vehicles compared in the report, when taking into account government incentives available for electric vehicle (EV) purchases. You can access the report here.

Clean Technica posts about a solar-powered electric vehicle charger. Called a SunStation, it uses solar panels to recharge EVs, even two at the same time. The concept was developed by Princeton Satellite Systems in Plainsboro, New Jersey. The company says the EV charger can charge a Prius hybrid plug-in in 1.5 hours, a Chevy Volt in 5 hours, and a Nissan Leaf in eight. SunStations can be installed just about anywhere as long as there is enough sunlight. The firm is selling two sizes, one with four solar panels and a 1.6 kilowatt battery for $27,000 and a larger one priced at $55,000. They may also be interest for use in countries where there is no grid, and no or little electricity. A SunStation might actually be able to provide electricity to an entire village in some remote areas. Now we learn Transport Scotland, the national transport agency for Scotland, will add all 500 of its existing free-to-use EV charge points to the Charge Your Car network.

The Belfast Telegraph notes that 40 public EV charging points will soon be built in Northern Ireland. The chargers will be available in Belfast, Londonderry, Newry, Armagh, Enniskillen and Larne. Over the next year the number of charge points will increase to around 160. Another 14 rapid chargers are being installed close to major roads, allowing an electric vehicle to charge to 80% of its capacity in 25 minutes.

The Canadian Automobile Association has opened its first EV charger reports Digital Journal. The free charger is now available for free in the north end of Toronto. It features two 7.2 kW ports with retractable cords designed for outdoor use.

chargepoint lets you know where EV charging stations are available in the US and Canada.

Fuji Electric has introduced Japan’s first coin-operated EV charger we learn from engadget. The charger can provide a maximum charging time of 60 minutes.

Canterbury, England is offering free EV charging says this is Kent. City council announced it is allowing anyone to charge for free at the city’s three park-and-ride sites.

From telecompaper we learn Dutch cable company Ziggo will offer electric vehicle charging to its employees.

The Lower Mainland of the Canadian province British Columbia could have 150 EV charging stations by March 2013 reports Vancouver, Observer. Host sites will include malls, theatres and tourism destinations.  It is up to each site to determine if there will be a cost to the user. BC Hydro will provide the power at the stations, which will supply 220 volts at 40 to 60 amps. Currently there are 100 e-vehicles in the province, however the government recently announced a large program to assist in the purchase of EVs and to construct infrastructure.

FleetNews lets us know about Charge Your Car, the UK’s first national open access EV network. Charge Your Car works by connecting EV drivers in the UK to charge point owners. The company collects payments from EV drivers on behalf of charge point owners and distribute the money to them on a monthly or quarterly basis. Launched in 2010, this national open access EV network was the first to introduce DC rapid charge points. In 2011 it was the first to introduce pay-as-you-go recharging, using a pay-by-phone system, and from April 2013 EV drivers will be able to access the network via an app on their smartphone. Transport Scotland, the national transport agency for Scotland, announced it will add all 500 of its existing free-to-use EV charge points to the Charge Your Car network. In addition, a further 250 charge points will be installed across Scotland and connected to Charge Your Car by March 2013.

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