Toyota is testing the Winglet, a substitute for walking around Tokyo’s busy streets. (See photo above.) Similar to the Segway, Green Car Reports calls it “a mobility assistance robot.” The Winglet has a top speed of 3.5 miles per hour and a battery life of one hour. Toyota also sees it as suitable for indoor use, such as warehouses, post offices, airport terminals and office complexes.

From EV World we learn the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers predicts the Asian country will sell 273,150 by 2017. Most of these vehicles, expected to be all electric, will be sold within China to help meet government goals. In 2012 11,241 pure electrics and 1,311 hybrids were sold in China.

GreenBiz tells us the Reneault-Nissan alliance has sold its 100,00oth EV. The alliance has  sold more zero-emissions cars than all other automakers combined, led by the Nissan LEAF and Renault’s electric offerings: the Fluence saloon, Kangoo van, Twizy quadricycle and the ZOE supermini. Worldwide, more than 71,000 Nissan LEAFs have been sold since the car was first released in December 2010.  30,000 Leafs have been sold in the US with another 20,000 in Japan.

Fuel-Efficient Cars notifies us about Sierra Club’s EV Guide. You can see the Guide here. Designed for the US market, the guide to plug-in EVs looks at individual cars, calculates how much CO2 and money in fueling you’ll save with each one, tells you what buying incentives exist in your area, and where to buy an EV.

Recently Earth’s Energy introduced you to the “eGallon”, a new measurement from the US Department of Energy to assist consumers in comparing the cost of operating an electric vehicle with a gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle. Now the energy collective has taken a closer look at this measurement and gives us its views on its usefulness.

Miles per gallon is itself a poor metric, compared to something like gallons per 100 miles, or even miles per dollar, because it obscures the high value of modest improvements in high-consumption vehicles, while exaggerating the value of shifting from very efficient to ultra-efficient cars…eGallon might prove useful, but only as long as it is grounded in the best information we have about the vehicle choices that potential EV buyers are actually considering. Since current EV incentives apparently provide a poor return to taxpayers, an overly simplistic tool that drives consumers too far in that direction might be worse than not having such a tool at all.

Collingswood Patch takes us for a ride in an EV – a Honda Fit (with video).

Consett Magazine says Northeast England is the EV capital of the UK.  With one of the largest EV charging networks in the UK, the region has the highest number of EVs per capita in the country. The success of the EV in this region is due to the government-funded Charge Your Car project which has seen Northeast England have more charging points than anywhere in the UK outside of London. This includes 737 public standard points, 401 household charge points and 12 quick chargers that form the only connected quick-charge network in the UK. See also automotive design, UK’s North East benefits from EV infrastructure development.

The government of Estonia is starting an electric car rental program in the cities of Tallinn and Tartu. err News reports the service is focused on commuters who need a car rarely and for short drives. 24 Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV cars will be available for rent by the hour. The first hour is 6 euros and each hour thereafter 3 euros, with a 24-hour ceiling of 30 euros. For city commuting, the car batteries last about four hours in the summer and three in the winter. Meanwhile, in the Danish city of Copenhagen you can rent a Reneault Fluence Z.E for 75 euros per day says Inside EVs.

Clean Technica has an infographic called Road Of The Future. The post highlights new technologies that will be introduced on roads and highways to decrease the number of motor accidents.





The region has the largest number of electric vehicles per head – See more at:
The region has the largest number of electric vehicles per head – See more at:
The region has the largest number of electric vehicles per head – See more at:



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