Solar powered rickshaws will soon be seen on the streets of Delhi, India according to RushLane. The rickshaws powered by solar power will be available in three models with a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. 1000 will be on the street in June and this is expected to climb over time to 10,000.

ZIGWHEELS tells us everything we need to know about solar powered cars and hybrid cars.

The Colorado Springs Gazette tells us that a local zoo is using animal waste to power a three wheel motorized rickshaw.

News8000 discusses the challenges facing hydrogen cars. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are electric cars but, instead of storing electricity in batteries, they generate it on board in fuel cells. The fuel cells combine hydrogen with oxygen in a process that creates water and a stream of electricity. That electricity powers the car — but without the long charging times associated with EVs. The cars have zero emissions. However, before hydrogen cars will be at a dealership near you there prohibitive costs must decline rapidly. Simultaneously, there will need to be an extensive hydrogen refueling infrastructure the same obstacle facing EVs and natural gas vehicles. And the biggest challenge  of all may well be an inability to compete with more efficient internal combustion engines.

Volvo told the European Union that its expectations for electric car sales is “unrealistic” reports TheChargingPoint.  The EU forecasts a market share of up to 4% for pure-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids by 2020, rising towards 30% by 2030.  Volvo rejects this forecast saying that the lack of coordinated governmental consumer incentives and the high battery system costs will limit EV sales to 1% by 2020. Volvo’s views are based on no significant decreases in the cost of batteries this decade, a prediction some would challenge.

Green Car Reports wants to know: How Far Would You Go To Charge Your Electric Battery?  The article lists some of the eclectic things EV car owners have done to make sure they don’t encounter a dead battery while they are on the road.

Some EV manufacturers have gotten the message that their cars are too expensive. auto-types notes that EV prices have declined in the UK while plugincars states that Peugeot and Citroen have “slashed” their prices in Europe. Meanwhile, British Gas is discounting the price of its home electric car chargers reports businessGreen.

A US real estate management company plans to install electric car chargers at selected residential apartment locations says Green Tech Pastures. The company oversees some 20,000 residential apartment buildings on the east coast of the country. Miami-based Car Charging Group, an  electric vehicle charging services firm, will supply the charging equipment which will provide 240 volts at 32 amps in order to refuel EV batteries quickly.



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