cnet says that hydrogen fueling stations will be coming to the US by the second half of this decade. Air Products and Fuel Cell Energy have partnered to market a fuel cell power plant to commercial enterprises, which will pave the way for a network of hydrogen fueling stations for consumers. Stationary Direct Fuel Cell (DFC) power plants will take natural gas or renewable biogas and produce hydrogen, electricity, and heat. The three energy byproducts can be used to power and heat a commercial production facility or nearby homes or businesses while creating hydrogen fuel for industrial fleet or consumer vehicle use.

AUTOPIA reports that construction is underway in Scotland on the world’s first seagoing diesel-electric hybrid ferries.

We learn from REneweconomy that battery costs for electric vehicles are about to plummet. Pike Research predicts that the cost of lithium-ion batteries are expected to fall by more than 33% by 2017. “Reducing the installed price of EV batteries to $523 per kilowatt hour in 2017 will be a critical step towards making PEVs cost-competitive with petroleum-powered vehicles” says Pike Research director John Gartner. On the same topic see How Much and How Fast Will Electric-Car Battery Costs Fall? at Green Car Reports. A significant finding from this latter post: “The actual cost of lithium-ion battery packs is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the electric-car world. We’ve not found a single maker willing to go on record and say what their cost per kilowatt-hour is.” has 10 tips for anyone thinking of buying a “green” automobile. You also might want to check out their Car Buying Advice. Meanwhile, greener ideal answers the question How Will Buying a New Eco Friendly Car Change Your Carbon Footprint?

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association says the cost of electric vans is too high and government incentives are needed to get them on the road says TheGreenCar. The Association was responding to a new report by the UK Department for Transport which concluded that electric vans remain too expensive for many operators, with van operators only willing to accept a 10% premium for electric vans over conventional diesel models. According to research undertaken by Element Energy, the current cost of ownership for pure electric large vans is more than 50% higher than their diesel-engine equivalents.

GreenCarReports tells us what gasoline, hybrids, diesels and EVs cost over 5 years. The same site also tells us that Ford has an online tool for fleet owners to compare vehicle costs and emissions.

azcentral notes that car rental companies in the US are adding more electric and hybrid vehicles to their fleets but they are also charging more for them.  Thus your gasoline savings may just go into your daily rental fee. See also Rent-A-Hybrid.

The Nissan Leaf made the news this week.  It is the first EV in all US markets and it is rapidly increasing its number of European sales outlets.

The American Automobile Association is adding EV charging stations to its TripTik maps reports autobloggreen.

GreenCarReports has a do-it-yourself guide to building your own EV charging station.

A joint venture in Germany hopes to create a nationwide EV recharging network infrastructure according to TheGreenCar. Several high profile companies, including BMW, Daimler and Siemens, have formed hubject GmbH to create an open platform network of charging facilities available around the country. In addition to providing billing services for all members and users, automobile owners will know the price and availability of charging points in their vicinity.

eibt notes that Iberdrola has installed over 100 EV charging stations in Spanish cities.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that city now has 49 EV charging stations. Chicago expects to have 280 EV charging stations within a year according to Ward’s Auto. These new stations would feature 240V Level 2 rechargers than can add about 10 miles (16 km) of added range per hour to electric vehicles.

Xiamen, China will have its first battery charging and swapping station for EVs by the end of this month we learn from Whats On Xiamen. The driver of an EV can change the battery in five to eight minutes instead of charging the battery over several hours. The station is equipped to service 300 EVs a day.




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