Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles made the news this week. Consumer Energy Report tells us what a hydrogen vehicle is. The Calgary Herald says that Toyota is bulllish on hydrogen fuel indicating it will be producing tens of thousands of these vehicles a decade from now. See also Toyota may make ‘tens of thousands’ of hydrogen cars by 2020s at Eco-Business. FuelCellToday advises us that hydrogen buses are operating at Fort Lewis in the US state of Washington while green wise reports that a hydrogen ferry will soon be in service in the UK.

CleanTechnica identifies the top eight alternative transportation fuels and gives us the pros and cons of each.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune asks: Gas, electric, hybrid — which is best for you? A University of Minnesota professor has developed an on-line tool to help you decide which vehicle meets your needs. You can download it here.

If you want to know the true cost of electric cars check out BeFrugal. Torque News interviews Jon Lal, BeFrugal’s founder and the person behind the electric car calculator here.

The Christian Science Monitor examines how long a hybrid battery should last.

ABI Reseach predicts that hybrid vehicle says will exceed 8 million worldwide by 2020 representing about 11% of total new car sales says CENS.

TRL relates that the UK now has more than 2,000 EV charging points in 888 locations. Many of these include a 32 amp supply, which takes three to four hours for a full charge, instead of the older 13 amp supply – which takes six to eight hours for a full charge. NextGreenCar has a ZapMap that enables people in the UK to find the nearest charging point.

Ireland’s post office is trialing electric vans on city routes reports Business & Leadership. The trial will compare the energy/fuel efficiency, maintenance costs and overall performance of the Renault Kangoo ZE electric mini van against its traditional diesel counterpart over designated city postal routes in Dublin, Cork and Galway over the next 12 months.

autobloggreen finds that San Diego’s car sharing program, Car2Go, rented 6000 electric car trips in its first 100 days of operation. While the public may not be buying EVs, it is certainly renting them in this city, perhaps to try them out.

In the US this week we see charging stations opening or planned for: San Francisco and Oakland, California; Santa Barbara, California; Chico, California; Tillamook, Oregon; Snoqualmie,  WashingtonFrankfort, Illinois; Naperville, IllinoisBloomington, Illinois; Purchase, New York; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Tempe, Arizona; Columbus, Ohio; Dublin, OhioCincinnati, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Knoxville, Tennessee; Clemson, South Carolina and Charles County, Maryland.









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