Ford says that autopilot cars could be on the road within the decade reports The Telegraph. These computerized cars could be on the market as early as 2017. Cars will soon be able to communicate with each other to make the most efficient use of the road, warn drivers of accidents ahead and perform valet parking. Autonomous cars will become a rolling collection of computer sensors that will communicate among vehicles to reduce congestion and help prevent accidents.

SearchAutoParts says that the internal combustion engine is nowhere near automotive extinction. The engine’s engineering is in full turbocharger mode as the motors become smaller yet with more power, better fuel efficiency and fewer harmful emissions. In addition, engines will be in flex mode, able to handle multiple fuels.

The Globe and Mail tells us that hydrogen cars may soon be with us. “… hydrogen fuel cell cars are coming. A number of major auto makers expect to commercialize the technology in their vehicles by 2015.” The author believes that developments with fuel cell technology in New York state and refueling networks in Germany increase the chances that hydrogen could be an important fuel of the future.

Get ready for electric bikes says the Environmental News Network. People in the UK are abandoning their cars and turning to cycling as an efficient, cheap and enjoyable way to get about, according to the Department of Transport. This is being accelerated by the introduction of electric bikes powered by a lithium battery hooked up the the handle bar controls which assists the rider in tackling steep hills and strong headwinds. Batteries can run for about 80 miles per charge, last four years and take over 1100 charges. “Basically, the e-bike is designed to flatten hills. It takes the hard part out of cycling, and reduces the fear of those steep climbs that can put people off making journeys by bike.”

EV Maps is an online website that lets you know where EV charging stations are located in countries around the world.

Autocar lets us know that the city of London, England is adding hybrid buses to its fleet.  By May eight new diesel-electric buses will be on the road averaging 11 mpg or double that of existing buses.

The Toronto Star discusses the factors that influence a hybrid’s driving range.

The Truth About Cars takes us on a week in a Nissan Leaf.

smartplanet identifies the US cities that are doing the most to encourage the EV. Their conclusion: Austin, Texas; Normal, Illinois; Mercer Island, Washington; and Los Angeles, California.  Meanwhile Green Car Reports explores What Makes A Town Electric Car Friendly?

UK drivers will be able to test drive and rent EVs at a new electric car center in Glasgow, Scotland says the BBC. Cars, electric scooters and bikes will be available to rent from the centre, close to Glasgow Central train station. The facility will also allow motorists to charge their vehicles for free.

A new smart system charges electric vehicles from any power outlet reports South California Public Radio. Automaker Volvo and telecommunications firm Ericsson are working to make the hunt for charging stations obsolete by giving any power outlet the ability to charge an EV. The Electric Vehicle Intelligent Infra Structure (“ELVIIS”) has been installed in a Volvo C30 Electric car for testing. Using a touchscreen, the user can select from various energy sources. Once the charge point is identified via GPS, the system communicates with the electricity grid to not only establish the best price for the electricity, but also charge the amount to your home utility bill. See also Reuters Flexible charging solution puts electric cars in the fast lane.

The Gazette-Mail informs that a couple in Charleston, West Virgina is using their home’s solar power to charge their EV.

Siemens has won a contract from the US government to install 20 charging stations for Veteran Affairs according to inautonews. The Level II stations in California and Michigan will use cloud computing to automate payment processing and collect and track charging data.

New EV charging stations opened in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada and Townsville airport, Australia.

This week we learn of new charging stations in the United States opening or planned for Washington, DC; Dallas, Texas; Fort Collins, Colorado; Lexington, Massachusetts; Peoria, Illinois; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Kansas City, Missouri; Kirkwood, Iowa; Solvang, California; Sacramento, California; Riverside, California; Portola Valley, CaliforniaPortland, Oregon; Boynton Beach, Florida; and Sarasota county, FloridaBetter Place is putting 130 electric charging stations across the state of Hawaii.  They will be free for the rest of this year.








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