The Detroit News observes electric cars face bleak prospects in Europe as sales stumble. Western European sales of electric vehicles were just under 11,000 in the first half of this year, described by one market analyst as “so slow as to be barely measurable.” This week, Mitsubishi Motors of Japan announced it will suspend production of versions of its i-MiEV electric car which it sends to Citroen and Peugeot because of slow sales. Vic Heylen, director of the Flanders Centre for Automotive Research, went so far as to say “the EV market is dead.” With European Union unemployoment above 11% and all auto sales falling, the high price tag of electric vehicles will likely keep buyers away in the short term, at least until a breakthrough in battery technology allows price to come down significantly. Most do not expect that battery breakthrough until the end of this decade at the earliest.

plugincars says President Obama’s 1 million plug-in EV goal by 2015 is now beyond reach. That was the number the President hoped to have on US roads by that date. To the White House’s despair several prop0sed EVs  either did not make it to market, others launched later than expected, sold in extremely limited numbers or entirely ceased production. Most of the latter were heavily subsidized with public money. The numbers now suggest that 300,ooo would a more realistic sales figure by 2015.

Last week we covered the issue of what is the “right price” to charge your electric car.  We noted that at most charging stations you pay for the time it takes to fill your vehicle rather than for the volume of electricity you purchase. It is our view that volume is the better standard to pay for your electricity, especially when different chargers could charge at different times. This week My Perfect Automobile tells us about a company that is doing just that. CarCharging Group, Inc. announced it will charge a fixed price per kilowatt-hour for EV charging services starting at 49-cents per kilowatt-hour. The post also has a video showing how to take an EV or hybrid to a charging station and fuel up.

Torque News writes about Tipcharge, an Android app that helps to find the nearest charging station all over the world. Its main features include a map, finding the nearest charging stations, enables you to search by address as well as socket type and payment methods. It even gives you the best route and driving instructions.

The Los Angele Times reports that potato chip maker Frito Lay is adding 45 electric delivery trucks to its fleet in California. By the end of this year the company will have 165 EVs in the state.

We find two articles on the growing use of EVs at US military bases. REVE gives us U.S. Military Adds More Electric Vehicles and Earth Techling New US Navy Electric Trucks Sport Solar Panels.

Vanity Fair asks: Is the Tesla Model S the Most Important Car of the 21st Century? (see photo above)  The author is taken away with this EV sports car with a battery range of 265 miles.(424 km) and the power to match a Corvette.

Torque News reveals how to drive past electric car range limits for long range trips.






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