TriplePundit asks what’s next after the electric car and thinks it is hydrogen. Car & Driver tells us everything we need to know about a hydrogen future while We Know Money addresses the question what are the benefits for buying a hydrogen car over a biodiesel car?

AP suggests that natural gas, at least for fleets, may be the next big thing for vehicles. Certainly Clean Energy Fuels Corp. thinks so as it is embarking on a plan to add liquefied natural gas pumps at 150 truck stops across the US over the next 24 to 36 months. (See also here.)  Even the town of Lafayette, Louisiana is getting into the act by opening two public fueling stations for natural gas-powered vehicles in 2012 says FuelFix. The Czech Post has even put out a tender for 412 vehicles powered by compressed natural gas writes NGV Global News. The Billings Gazette says the US state of Wyoming wants to be an early adopter of natural gas vehicles and is funding a filling station on the state university campus.

Canada is launching a roadmap for natural gas as a transportation fuel reports NGV Global News. The initial focus will be medium- and heavy trucks and buses that operate in regional corridors and urban fleets.

India’s livemint answers the question should we buy a petrol, diesel, LPG or CNG car?

AutoGuide tells us that electric vehicle sales by 2035 could be only half of what the industry expected. A report by Morgan Stanley now expects electric vehicles to account for 4.5% of global auto sales in 2025 instead of the initial 8.5% figure. However, Renault-Nissan is optimistic and still thinks electric vehicle sales will account for 10% of the global market by 2020. Morgan Stanley believes that without continued government assistance, electric vehicles will be too expensive to meet initial forecasts. EV sales are currently heavily subsidized by various governments but this is not expected to last.

The other barrier to EV sales, of course, is the ability to recharge quickly and conveniently.  More stories appeared this week indicating that more effort is being undertaken to address this.

The Voice of Russia reports that Moscow is to have 28 EV charging stations. The first opened this week.  15 stations are designed for an 8-10 hour charge, ten – for 4-5 hours, and three – for 20-30 minutes.

The I-5 highway is about to be electrified. News1130 reports that the road, which runs along the Pacific coast of North America from the Canadian border through the US to the Mexican border, is about to get its first 100 EV charging stations. These will be located in the northern states of Washington and Oregon. The stations are being put in every 65 to 95 km, and drivers will be able to charge up in 30 minutes. The goal is to eventually have those stations reach all the way down to the California-Mexico border. The city of Bellingham, Washington expects its first station to be in operation by March of this year. See also here.

good clean tech says that Japan’s gas stations will have EV chargers. By early this year 27 gas stations across both Tokyo and the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan will be outfitted with electric vehicle charging stations. Four oil companies are teaming up for the project — including JX Nippon Oil, Idemitsu Kosan Co, Cosmo Oil Co,. and Showa Shell Sekiyu KK. For a fixed monthly fee — approximately US$38 — EV owners can charge their vehicles at any of the 27 locations.

GMA News tells us that Taiwan is building 60 EV battery switching stations for electric motorbikes. Starting February Taiwan is planning to build 60 battery exchange stations in New Taipei City in the north and Kaohsiung City in the south.

New York City is getting 6 electric taxis reports REVE. Starting in the spring, six Nissan Leaf electric vehicles will begin testing taxi service in the city. The Leaf has range of about 62 to 138 miles per charge.

Charging stations are also coming to Colwood, British ColumbiaSt. Clair, Michigan, Mountlake, Terrace, Washington, Pflugerville, Texas (solar powered), Colorado Springs, Colorado, Staffordshire, England, and Barnstable, Massachusetts.



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