Mitsubishi Motors Corp , the world’s first automaker to mass-produce purely electric cars, has sold about 17000 EVs since mid-2009 reports REVE. This week it added a battery operated light commercial van. Mitsubishi hopes to sell 50,000 cars by April 2013.

REVE reports that BP stations in the Netherlands are getting fast-charging stations for EVs.  The Swedish firm, ABB, has started installing multiple fast-charging systems for electric vehicles at some BP service stations in the country as part of a nationwide trial. The cities of Utrecht and Rotterdam will have the first two stations this year with more cities to follow in 2012. Recharging will take 15-30 minutes. Two cars can recharge at the same time at each station. Prestige GreenCab financed the Utrecht charging station to support its fleet of 20 EVs.

8 recharging stations have opened in the city of Bournemouth, England according to the Daily Echo. They join tow existing stations installed by the city which allow for free charging and parking at a multi-level car park.  There are more than 80 other charging points within an hour’s driving time of Bournemouth and over the next year this is expected to increase to more than 150. The 8 new stations are part of the Polar network. Motorists that subscribe to the Polar network pay £19.50 a month and 95 pence every time they use a charging unit. Polar network states that its goal is to assist motorists in getting over the range anxiety associated with purchasing an EV.

Indianapolis, Indiana airport is getting electric car chargers says PC Magazine. 3 chargers began operation this week as part of the airport’s valet service. The charging stations can be used at no cost to travelers who use the airport’s valet parking services.

GM has to deal with its second reported electric fire in a Chevy Volt says the Chicago Sun-Times.  This is the second Volt battery fire in the US this year.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said this week that three Volt battery packs were crash-tested last week. In one instance, the battery caught fire afterward, and in another the battery emitted smoke and sparks. Federal officials are now investigating the safety of lithium-ion battery in the vehicle. Meanwhile GM is offering loaner cars to worried Volt owners reports USA Today.

London SE1 reports that there are now 230 charging stations in the UK city with 2 opened this week.  The target is to reach 1,300 publcly available stations by 2013.

EVs are rolling out slowly in Spain says The Olive Press.  The Spanish government had hoped to see 20,000 eco-friendly cars sold by the end of September but actual sales were only about 8,000. Only 34 EVs were sold in the three provinces of Andalucia, Sevilla and Malaga.

The Irish Independent noted that charging stations in Ireland are rolling out much slower than promised. Only 143 of a promised 1500 public charging stations are in place.  Only 19 of the stations in operation are able to recharge an EV in 25 minutes.  ESB, the electric company building the stations, had said it would have all 1500 stations in place by the end of 2011. It has changed this date to mid-2012. Nissan blamed slower-than-anticipated sales of the zero-emission vehicles for the delay in rolling out the infrastructure. Many of the cars cost in the region of €30,000 — almost three times the price of similar fossil fuel models — and fewer than 100 cars have been sold in the country. The Irish government hopes to have more than 200,000 vehicles powered by electricity by 2020.

Green Car Reports updates us on how a Nissan Leaf with 11,000 km on it is performing.

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