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A year ago, Andrea Rossi and partner Professor Sergio Focardi announced to the world that they have created a cold fusion device – the E-Cat – which produces more energy than it consumes. In October we learned that they were on the verge of creating a 1 MW plant to show the world that his idea is not only real but ready to be commercialized.  There were even rumours that he had sold his idea to the US Defense Department and was negotiating sales with at least 13 other parties, including big name American universities.

Now there is a bit of an about turn. At his website today he posted the following request:

“The E-Cat basic module “for the People”, that we will put in commerce within months, will be 40 cm long, 40 cm large, 40 cm high, will weight 60 kg, the shape of a cube. I need a design cheap ( I want to put it in commerce at a price of 500 euros per kW) but nice, very nice. I will buy the design which I will choose and everybody has my honour word that I will not use designs not paid. I need it within two months..

This led Al Fin to comment:

It seems that Rossi has not yet finalised the design for his ultimate E-cat reactor. How can he build a 1 MW plant if the basic reactor design is not yet completed? Rossi is apparently struggling to come up with a satisfactory design for a small E-Cat.

Rossi’s business plans are still a mystery, and he’s surely taking an unconventional approach by looking for help at this point from the general public — but that is his style. No one can accuse Rossi of being conventional!

It is well and good for Rossi to take a sledge hammer to his sceptics by way of a working 1 MW steam plant. But the rest of us want to know what kind of potential this approach may offer in providing a brand new source of cheap and abundant energy. We also want to know if an entire new branch of physics is about to be opened, with all the possibilities for new scientific knowledge and technology which that might mean.

So the world continues to wait for Rossi to produce his magic.  No one yet has been allowed to see what is going on inside his little box and nuclear physicists have dozens of questions they want and need answered before they are able to conclude there is something to this supposed endless source of energy.

The planet awaits.



Tom Whipple has more information on Rossi which he is reporting in his article The Peak Oil Crisis: Cold Fusion Update.

This past weekend Rossi gave an interview to a blogger in which he gave out new information on his progress towards commercializing his E-Cat. During the interview he said he is concerned about the Chinese or others who do not take intellectual property rights seriously and would steal his discovery if he were to release details of his process prior to being able to make it a commercial reality.

Tom goes on to say:

In his new revelations, Rossi describes a home sized unit under development with a core about the size of a cigarette box that contains the nickel, some form of hydride that contains the hydrogen and the catalyst. This box takes about an hour to heat up before it starts producing excessive heat. Rossi says the reaction between the nickel and the hydrogen generates gamma rays which are turned into heat by the lead shielding of the box and must be carried away by a cooling system or the core will melt into a hot, but harmless, puddle of lead and nickel.

Rossi says he is working with the US firm of National Instruments to design a control system for his nickel-hydrogen reactor and with Underwriters Laboratory to certify the device as safe for home use. Interestingly, National Instruments has confirmed that they are working with Rossi, but refuse to release any details of the arrangements. Another interesting development is that Rossi now hopes to be selling the newly designed 10 Kwh home heating units in the U.S. later this year for $400-$500.

Rossi says he is preparing to contract with two European Universities in the near future to test and certify his device soon as many onlookers have been demanding.

National Instruments assists engineers and scientists in the design and testing of complex products that they wish to market.  You can read more about the company here.

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