Forbes has a post telling us The Most Important Things To Know/Understand About Nuclear Energy. The post briefly summarizes the science, economics, environmental issues and politics around this energy source.

Human Events provides us with The 25-year-plan to engineer fusion energy. “The theory has been around for ages but it is only really in the last twenty years that large scale experiments have taken place…The next point of the game is to make the physics work in an engineering sense and transfer it to a commercial scale.” The article focuses on advancements in laser fusion technology.

New Energy and Fuel tells us Two Challenges Conquered One to GoLawrenceville Plasma Physics published a report in the journal Physics of Plasmas on their confinement of plasma with energies equivalent to 1.8 billion degrees Centigrade and an adequate confinement time needed for net fusion energy production in their Focus Fusion-1 (FF-1) machine.  That’s two challenges resolved. The third challenge is confine the plasma  to the needed density.  Achieving that should provide an energy output greater than the energy needed to drive the process, thus producing net energy – the Holy Grail of fusion science.  The issue now is engineering  the apparatus such that the heat is closely to reach that density. It would appear the path to fusion is getting shorter.

Cold fusion remains a hot topic, OILPRICE asks: Is Cold Fusion Finally Being Accepted by the Scientific Community? while US News says New Burst of Energy Could Bring Cold Fusion to Front Burner.

We should also note the passing of Martin Fleischmann who stunned the world with his “discovery” of cold fusion in 1989.







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