From Gas 2.0 we learned that Formula 1’s governing body has decreed that as of 2014 all F1 cars can only operate on battery power when in the pit lane

Sustainable Business reported that Daimler has chosen San Diego to launch the first electric vehicle car sharing service in North America through its Car2go subsidiary. Car2go members will have access to 300 of Daimler’s Smart Fortwo electric drive vehicles.  On a single charge these vehicles can travel up to 84 miles (135 km). The battery can be recharged to 20-80% of full capacity in just three and a half hours. In urban areas the average Car2go member usually drives no more than six miles.

Meanwhile GM is introducing the EN-V electric commuter.  A Segway-like electric vehicle, GM hopes it will become a key part of major cities and car-sharing programs by 2020.  The EN-V will be fully electric and powered by li-ion batteries.   Check out this video about it.



Green Futures wanted us to know that we can find energy anywhere for as we all know energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  In this case we are taking about harnessing waste heat from creamation.  At least 15 British projects are being planned that will re-use the energy from cremations to heat new buildings. A typical cremation takes 80 minutes and generates between 200-400 kW of waste heat. The UK is following similar examples in Austria, Germany and the UK.  One UK community will use the energy from one crematorium to provide 42% of the heating demand for a new leisure centre, reducing natural gas fuel charges by an estimated £14,000 a year.

LowCarbonEconomy reported that UK Italian restaurant chain Carluccio’s has entered into a partnership to convert its used cooking oil into biofuel.  Cooking oil from its 54 restaurants will be converted to biofuel to power delivery trucks.

DomesticFuel let us know that buses in Sao Paulo, Brazil will be using sugarcane diesel.  190 of the city’s 15,000 buses will soon be running on a blend of 10 percent sugarcane diesel with the remaining fuel blend comprised of biodiesel and petroleum diesel.



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