Cal on September 18th, 2017

The European Marine Centre has produced hydrogen gas from electricity generated from tides off the coast of Orkney, Scotland. This is the first time hydrogen has been created by tidal energy. They hydrogen will be converted back to electricity by a fuel cell at a pier in Kirkwall where it will be used as auxiliary […]

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Cal on May 1st, 2017

The Canadian city of Vancouver appears to beginning a process of phasing out the use of natural gas. While the city insists new energy efficiency rules designed to reduce emissions don’t outright ban natural gas, developers say the standards are so restrictive that it will be impossible to include it in any form. This applies to furnaces, […]

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Cal on November 28th, 2016

Switzerland voting in a referendum rejected a proposal to introduce a strict timetable for phasing out nuclear power. A majority of cantons (Swiss states) voted against the initiative with the latest reports showing the breakdown 55% to 45%. The plan would have meant closing three of Switzerland’s five nuclear plants next year, with the last shutting in […]

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Cal on November 26th, 2016

According to energy consultant Wood Mackenzie, presently 13% of global C02 emissions are subjected to a carbon price. The firm believes, however, that technology and economics, not carbon pricing or other government policies, will drive the world towards decarbonization. “”It’s the technology that’s the wildcard now. How quickly can renewables costs fall, how quickly can competing […]

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Cal on October 16th, 2014

The UK Government’s quarterly Energy Trends publication reveals a record contribution from bioenergy to the nation’s energy supply reports The Crop Site. In 2014 Q2, bioenergy accounted for a record 5.6 TWh (7%) of electricity generation. This is an increase of 8.8% compared with a year earlier, due mainly to the conversions at the Drax […]

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Cal on May 29th, 2014

A biomass gasification plant in Gothenburg, Sweden will be supplying the transportation sector in that country reports Pulp & Paper Canada. This is the first plant of its kind in the world. The Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project will produce biomethane gas by gasifying forest residues and wood pellets. The biomethane is similar to natural gas […]

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Cal on May 6th, 2014

The World Bank has concluded that China is already the world’s largest economy as money goes further in poorer economies than previously thought. Most economists had thought this seminal event in world history was still five to ten years away. Warnings are increasing about the perilous state of the Egyptian economy and particularly the deteriorating […]

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Cal on April 27th, 2014

TheBioenergySite explores how much electricity the manure of one cow can supply. The answer according to the German Ministry of Agriculture is 1000 kwh a year. If the manure of a small herd of cattle – about 25 cattle – is used, then the energy produced can supply up to seven average households with electricity […]

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