Cal on July 15th, 2014

The US continues to be the world’s biggest oil producer this year after overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia due to extraction of energy from shale rock formations. Daily output exceeding 11 million barrels in the first quarter of this year. The country became the world’s largest natural gas producer in 2010. Nigeria is listed as […]

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Cal on June 24th, 2014

World crude oil markets are watching closely as the Iraqi situation continues to get out of control. If Iraq’s 2.5 million barrel per day of oil exports are closed down, it would add to the 3.5 million b/d already out of production in Libya, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Nigeria. OPEC said at the end of its […]

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Cal on June 18th, 2014

Coal dominated world energy markets last year by supplying the biggest share of demand since 1970, making it the fastest growing fossil fuel, according to an annual review by BP. Consumption grew 3% in 2013, driven by coal use in developing nations such as China and India. Coal’s share of global energy use reached 30.1%, […]

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Cal on June 11th, 2014

Across northern India, thousands of people enraged by power cuts during an extreme heat wave have been rioting, setting electricity substations on fire and taking power company officials hostage. The impoverished state of Uttar Pradesh has never had enough power for its 200 million people; many receive only a few hours a day under normal conditions, […]

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Cal on May 27th, 2014

China and Russia signed a monumental, multi-decade natural gas supply contract in Shanghai, with reports saying it could be worth as much as $US400 billion. Russia has vast energy reserves and China is constantly seeking resources to power the growth of its economy. Under the 30-year contract between China National Petroleum Compnay and Gazprom, 38 […]

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Cal on May 20th, 2014

It is becoming apparent that rising incomes in China and the demand for ever more cars is keep the demand for crude oil strong. China’s January to April crude imports are up 11.5% over last year and April imports are up 21% over 2013 to a record 6.8 million barrels per day. Chinese coal production […]

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daily fusion informed us that electricity will rival crude oil as the major energy carrier this century. This is the projection of the International Energy Agency in its new report Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 – Harnessing Electricity’s Potential. The report focuses on the convergence of two trends: rapidly rising global electricity demand and the need […]

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Cal on May 17th, 2014

New Scientist reports that the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) which will bring fusion to the world for the first time, may not start up until 2023. ITER’s ultimate aim is to generate energy in the same way that our Sun does, by fusing hydrogen into helium in a complex being built at Cadarache in […]

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