OILPRICE writes about how Samsung is about to change the lives for youth in rural South Africa with its Solar Powered Internet School. (See photo below)

Electrification remains one of Africa’s largest economic challenges, as overall less than 25 percent of the continent’s rural areas receive electricity, leaving communities isolated, with limited access to the benefits education receives from Internet connectivity.

In South Africa that is about to change, as Samsung Africa recently launched its Solar Powered Internet School model at the Samsung Engineering Academy in Boksburg, Gauteng.

The Solar Powered Internet School classroom has laptop computers and an electronic blackboard and is completely solar-powered. Being mobile, it is designed to bring education and Internet connectivity to Africa’s remote rural areas with limited or no access to electricity up to now.  It is Samsung’s hope to bring this facility to the reach of 5 million Africans within the next 3 years.



The facility can house 21 students and a teacher within a climate-controlled structure designed to maintain a “temperate environment” against Africa’s often torrid weather. The Solar Powered Internet School is also equipped with an energy efficient refrigerator, a file server, router, Uninterrupted Power Supply, video and wi-fi cameras, designed to communicate via 3G, allowing a remote central location such as the Department of Education to monitor classes and deliver curriculum-based content directly to both the learners’ and educators’ notebooks.

It can operate for 1 and 1/2 days without any sunlight to power it.


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