“I’m afraid we are in the hands of very dangerous children, upon whose deranged wishful thinking a large part of our country’s future depends.”

The London Telegraph‘s Christopher Booker laments the UK government’s wind turbine policy.  He calls the energy strategy “a ludicrously expensive, self-defeating joke, which will achieve no benefits whatever.”  (Proof that the Government is tilting at windmills)

Booker is one of many around the world who believe that intermittent wind energy will never be able to provide the base-load needed to substitute for hydro, coal, nuclear and natural gas.  And unless there is a readily available back-up power in place, the lights will go out when the wind stops blowing.   As for the UK, moving to wind in a massive way will  require natural gas plants to operate 24/7 as back-up even though they are not producing any electricity.  This is a quadruple whammy.  Not only does the public pay for the heavily subsidized wind energy, the high cost of the electricity generated by that wind, and the natural gas needed to keep the base load operating, but a natural gas plant that does not produce electricity emits more CO2 than a fully operating plant.

As Booker states:

Two things make this even more absurd. One…is that it will be amazingly costly and wildly uneconomical, since the dedicated power plants will often have to run at a low rate of efficiency, burning gas but not producing electricity. This will add billions more to our fuel bills for no practical purpose. The other absurdity, as recent detailed studies have confirmed, is that gas-fired power stations running on “spinning reserve” chuck out much more CO2 than when they are running at full efficiency – thus negating any savings in CO2 emissions supposedly achieved by the windmills themselves.


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