The Green Car advises of North America’s first electric car sharing scheme Car2go has begun launching a car sharing program which involves 300 Smart Fortwo electric vehicles (EVs). The program has been initiated in San Diego, California.

The company will be providing a network of vehicles available on-demand for point-to-point trips. Its members can use car2go EVs without a reservation, for as long as they like, and are not committed to returning the car to a certain point or location.

Members simply pay by the minute for the time they use the vehicle with recharging, insurance and maintenance all included. The San Diego rates are: $0.35 per minute; one hour for $12.99; and one day (up to 24 hours) for no more than $65.99. (All US prices.)

The Smart Fortwo cars are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a driver has finished using the vehicle, she or he can simply park it in a car2go designated spot at non-restricted meters, or in residential neighbourhoods.

You can visit the car2go website here.

For further information on the rise of car sharing read this post at The Green Car: Is Car Ownership Old Hat?  Car2go is not alone in starting a car club.  Daimler, BMW and Ford are all getting in on the action.

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