Energy Live News suggests that one-third of European truckers could be using liquid natural gas (LNG) by 2035.  That’s according to Dr Manuel Lage, General Manager and CEO at Natural bioGas and Vehicle Association (NGVA) Europe. LNG appears to be the fuel of choice because there are few alternatives: “When you go for road transport, you use diesel or you use LNG. That’s why it’s becoming so important.” Unlike compressed natural gas (CNG) which has been used for many years in vehicles like buses or rubbish collection trucks, with LNG, heavy duty vehicles don’t need to refuel every night, making it better for long distance truckers, Lage added.

California is now offering subsidies for the purchase of natural gas vehicles reports KGO tv (with video).  The California Energy Commission is handing out $8.5 million, split between car dealers and truck manufacturers. The money will go to reduce the cost of 357 new natural gas-powered trucks and cars and another 110 powered by propane.

The US city of Tampa, Florida has opened the first natural gas refueling station in the state at an airport says Airport World.  This past week the station opened at Tampa International Airport.

Ryder trucks has set up a tool at its website to help Americans find the nearest natural gas fueling stations.  In addition there is an interactive Fuel Cost Savings Calculator that allows individuals and fleet owners compare fuel costs between diesel- and natural gas-powered commercial vehicles based on their business’ driving habits in real time.


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