Rising gasoline and diesel prices are bringing propane powered vehicles to roads in the US state of Georgia says WALB. Propane is now about 40% cheaper and a big cost saving for trucking companies and municipalities that use these vehicles.

CleanBiz Asia says that three Chinese provinces are going to trial methanol-fueled cars. The trials will take place in the western Chinese province of Shaanxi, the northern province of Shanxi and the municipality of Shanghai. Over two to three years tests will evaluate the feasibility, reliability, economic efficiency, safety and environmental impacts of methanol cars. The trials are expected to establish a standard criterion for methanol-fueled cars, provide solutions to modify, build and manage necessary infrastructure, as well as shape industry policies.

Materials Handling World discusses Europe’s vision for “blue corridors” where liquified natural gas (LNG) long-haul trucks will roam. LNG is a cleaner alternative to diesel and Volvo is one of several companies working with the European Union to to establish ‘blue corridors’ with strategically placed filling stations to make the fuel more widely available for trucks.  The transport industry accounts for around one-quarter of Europe’s total CO2 emissions so competitive alternatives to diesel are desired. Even though the technology is available today to reach this dream, it will be some time before it is a reality since it must first get approval from all EU countries. See also Blue Corridors Open the Door to Lower Carbon Long-Haul Trucking at 3D-Car-Shows.

More articles appeared about the large price differential between compressed natural gas (CNG) and gasoline and diesel prices in the US causing a push toward natural gas vehicles. National Public Radio wrote As Gas Prices Rise, Natural Gas Vehicles Get A Boost while NewsOn6 told about Rising Gas Prices Fuel Natural Gas Boom In Tulsa Area (with video).

Arkansas Business says that Southwestern Energy Co. in the US is aiming to increase awareness of CNG fuel by giving 21 of its employees CNG-powered vehicles and home refueling devices through a contest.  In addition, the company will be providing incentives for the rest of its employees to convert their existing vehicles to CNG.

US transportation company, Saddle Creek, has added 40 new CNG trucks with another 80 on order. NewsChief says the company has also opened a CNG fueling station at its headquarters in Lakeland, Florida.

Domestic Fuel reports that US window maker, Anderson Corporation, is converting its truck fleet to CNG. In addition it is adding a new CNG fueling station near the company’s plant in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Nashua, New Hampshire has 9 new CNG garbage trucks and a new fueling station writes the Nashua Telegraph while Charlotte, North Carolina is adding 4 new CNG garbage trucks says the Charlotte Business Journal.

The week we find new CNG fueling stations are, or will be, popping up in State College, Pennsylvania and Tulsa, Oklahoma and a LNG fueling station is opening in Frierson, Louisiana.





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