stltoday writes about how compressed natural gas has a new life as an alternative transportation fuel. While focusing on the St. Louis, Missouri area, the post is a good summary of recent events in the US where auto manufacturers, corporations and municipalities are pushing CNG as an alternative to gasoline and diesel. There are about 1,100 total CNG stations, both public and nonpublic, nationwide. St. Louis currently has one station but negotiations are underway to add a 24 hour operation within the next year.

Next month Shell Canada is building the Canadian Green Corridor, the company’s first large scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in North America. Truck News post that while initially employing a mobile refueling unit to service the needs of trucking fleets running the Edmonton to Calgary corridor, the company has agreements in place with three Flying J stations in the corridor for them to supply LNG starting in the third quarter of this year.  Shell will expand outside the corridor as demand dictates.

Michigan Live test drives a CNG car and lets us in on the experience.

The Hartford Courant tells us that The Yellow Cab Company in Bloomfield, Connecticut is converting its entire fleet of cabs to run on compressed natural gas. By May, the company’s fleet of 107 taxis and three supervisor vehicles will consist of new CNG-powered vehicles: 35 CNG-powered Ford Transit Connects; five CNG Honda Civics; 70 CNG-powered MV-1s; and five CNG Honda Civics. This week the company is opening a CNG fueling station for its taxis that may also be used by the public.

Abu Dhabi is converting its 522 police vehicles to compressed natural gas says The Gulf Today. The country sees natural gas as one of the most efficient alternative fuels for vehicles, in addition to technical advantages and environmental care. It contributes to the reduction of pollution and cuts vehicle maintenance rate, increasing its useful life span.

The city of Beijing, China is introducing natural gas powered buses later this month says NASDAQ.

New CNG fueling stations opened in Mansfield, Louisiana and Seville, Ohio.


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