If you are looking to fill up your natural gas vehicle in the US, there are now “alternative fuel” apps available that give you a GPS guide to find refueling locations along your travel routes. Auto Channel tells us that Iconosys’ new Alternative Fuels apps include “Where to get NGV” for those users driving vehicles running on CNG, LNG, or LPG.

OILPRICE tries to answer the question: Where Does the Future Lie, Natural Gas Vehicles or Electric Vehicles?  The conclusion? The author believes that from an optimal use of resources perspective, natural gas is suited for long-haul trucking while cars and urban-based trucks fare best with electricity.

Fleet Owner informs us that AT&T is buying 1200 Chevrolet Express Cargo vans powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). This is the largest order of CNG vehicles for General Motors. The vans will be deployed at AT&T telecom service centers across the US. The purchase is part of AT&T’s goal to have 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles by 2018.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Navistar is betting on trucks powered by natural gas. The US truck maker announced it will begin offering natural gas powered vehicles this year across most of its platforms at its 800 locations. In addition it will partner with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. for a widespread build out of natural gas fueling stations at 550 Pilot-Flying J Travel Centers across the US. As an incentive for potential buyers, Navistar is providing a guarantee that for five years it will offer a subsidy to keep the price of CNG below the price of diesel.  Currently diesel is selling at $4 per gallon and CNG is about $2 to $2.50 per gallon. Navistar makes commercial and military trucks and school and corporate buses.

SunSentenial says that in Fort Lauderdale, Florida CNG is selling for $2.19 per gallon versus almost $4 for gasoline. South Florida’s first public CNG station is in Fort Lauderdale with a second planned for Pompano Beach. There are also CNG stations in Milton, Clearwater, Palatka and soon Tampa International Airport.

Natural gas for transportation is growing in Arkansas according to The City Wire. With gasoline at $4 per gallon and diesel at $3.50 to $4:00, consumers and corporate fleets are taking advantage of $1.50 CNG.  At the same time, the state government is giving financial assistance to build CNG stations. Meanwhile the Caddo, Louisiana police department is converting 13 of its vehicles to run on gasoline and CNG. While gasoline currently costs around $3.20 per gallon, natural gas is about $1.81 per gallon.

De Pere, Wisconsin will have a CNG refueling station reports the Green Bay Press Gazette. The station is expected to open in March and will become the Green Bay area’s first public natural gas station. Currently the state has about 20 CNG stations.

Volvo Bus Corporation, is set to launch a CNG city bus in India during July-August of this year. The trials of the CNG bus are presently going on in Delhi and Mumbai says The Business Standard.

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