Reuters says Americans want cheap home refueling stations for natural gas. Even though compressed natural gas (CNG) is inexpensive in the US and home refueling units have to meet safety standards like other household appliances, CNG home refilling is uncommon in this country. The barrier has been the upfront expense of buying and installing new units, and a lack of natural gas cars on the roads. The cars themselves generally cost about $10,000 more than gasoline and diesel vehicles. It is a chicken and egg problem.  The cars are not there because their is no refueling infrastructure but the infrastructure is not there because there are no cars.

“Affordable home refueling is the missing link to public adoption of natural gas vehicles in far greater numbers,” said Curtis Martin, program director of the government-funded Clean Cities Coalition in Antelope Valley, California

At present, an Italian company called BRC Fuelmaker is the only major manufacturer of such units, which cost about $4,500 and can be installed for around $1,500, depending on the work needed. Its smallest, called the Phill, is about the size of a vacuum cleaner, suitable for mounting on a garage wall.

The post talks about how in the next couple of year companies like General Electric (GE), Whirlpool and Eaton may be bringing lower cost home CNG refueling equipment to market.

Next-Gen Transportation says package delivery firm UPS is planning to support its growing fleet of heavy-duty natural-gas-powered trucks with the addition of nine liquefied natural gas (LNG) stations to its existing refueling infrastructure network in the US. The new stations will be built in the states of Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. The stations will accommodate the refueling needs of 100 or more trucks each day. Earlier this year UPS announced that it intended to add 700 LNG trucks to its existing fleet of more than 100 units.

Chart Industries plans to build 20 LNG stations across North America reports NGV Global News. The company is an independent global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment used in the production, storage and end-use of hydrocarbon and industrial gases. The 20 LNG fueling stations will be built at existing truck stop sites and are expected to be in operation by the second quarter of 2015.

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is in the process of converting its entire fleet of city buses and paratransit vehicles to run on compressed natural gas. The transition will begin with the deployment of 25 CNG buses, and the agency anticipates converting 15 vehicles annually until 256 buses are running on CNG. Kansas City is located in the US state of Missouri.


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