Aviat Husky CNG


Airplane manufacturer Aviat Aircraft, Inc. has built the world’s first dual fuel, piston powered aircraft to operate on both compressed natural gas (CNG) and aviation gasoline. (See photo above) The Aviat Husky CNG  was on display in the US city of Oshkosh, Wisconsin this summer. The aircraft can be powered by CNG or 100LL aviation gasoline with the flip of a switch. It is powered by a 200 horse power, four cylinder Lycoming aircraft engine with a cruise speed of 143 mph.

Overdrive tells NGV owner-operators what you need to know about natural gas as a fuel.

NGV Global News writes about the growth of natural gas vehicles in Germany. 4,300 NGVs have been registered in this European country in the first half of this year, 1200 more than for the same period last year. The best selling natural gas cars are the VW eco up!, VW Golf TGI, the Audi A3-tron g, and the Mercedes-Benz B 200 NGD.

The South American country of Bolivia is converting thousands of vehicles to natural gas reports NGV Global News. In the first six months of 2013 about 15,000 vehicles were converted to compressed natural gas (CNG), 60% from the private sector and the rest from the public sector. See also NGV Global News, King Long CNG Minibuses Bound for La Paz.

In China’s south east, Jiujiang City Public Transportation Group has purchased 30 liquefied natural gas (LNG) buses according to NGV Global News.

The Croatian city of Rijeka has opened a CNG refueling station and introduced a fleet of 12 natural gas powered buses. NGV Global News says this is the second CNG station to open in the country.

Seaboard Foods, a food distributor in the US state of Oklahoma, is adding an additional 43 CNG trucks to its fleet. Next-Gen Transportation says the heavy duty trucks will refuel at two new CNG stations that the company has built near its biodiesel plant.

A small company in the US southwest is making it easier to use CNG to travel across the country. CNG Logistics provides mobile CNG refueling services for long distance trucks traveling through the area, we learn from NewsOK. The company decided to offer this service because there are no CNG stations in the 600 mile gap between  Midland, Texas, and Tucson, Arizona.

Over the next two years a school district in the US state of Missouri will be converting almost 200 vehicles to compressed natural gas. NGV Global News reports the plan involves 149 school buses, 46 vehicles used by employees, and a refrigerator truck used for delivery of food items.

The same sources tells us a concrete mixing operation in the US state of Mississippi has acquired 12 concrete-mixer trucks that run on CNG. MMC Materials is among a small handful of ready mix concrete producers throughout the US that have begun migrating to natural gas as a transportation fuel.


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