CNET takes us through on a test drive of the Honda Civic Natural Gas and gives us the pros (cheap fuel, low CO2 emissions) and the cons (less interior space and range than the gasoline equivalent.)

China’s natural gas vehicle market is thriving according to NGV Global News. The Auto Industry Development Institute and China Automotive Technology and Research Center released data indicating that as of January of this year there were some 500 models of vehicles (commercial and passenger) that used some form or natural gas as the sole fuel or as a flex fuel. In some cities over 90% of bus and taxi fleets run on either compressed natural gas or liquified natural gas.

Seeking Alpha tells us about Clean Energy Fuel’s natural gas highway in the US. The company will be constructing 150 natural gas fueling stations across the US Interstate system. 70 of these stations will be open by the end of 2012, with the remainder to be completed in 2013. There is a map of the locations in the post. Clean Energy is the first company to build natural gas fueling stations on a national scale.

Waste Management announced it will have 40 natural gas powered waste removal vehicles in the Houston, Texas area by the end of this year. The Sacramento Bee says it will also open a natural gas refueling station in the city which will be available to the public. The company currently has 28 natural gas refueling stations in North America and expects to have 50 by the end of this year to service its 1400 and growing natural gas vehicle fleet.

The Journal of Commerce reports that potato chip maker Frito Lay is adding 67 compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks to its fleet. The CNG tractors will haul larger loads from 7 distribution centres in the US and will save the company 900,000 gallons of diesel fuel a year.

In Utility plans for future fuel shift the Times Union notes that New York state utility, National Grid, has asked state regulators to allow it to create an incentive program that would support the construction of natural gas and electric vehicle fueling stations. To date the company has built 15 natural gas fueling stations across its service territory, including one in Albany and one in Syracuse that are open to the public. The company is seeking a rate increase of some $2 million that would go to assist the construction of new stations. A CNG fueling station costs about $1 million to build, while an electric car charging station costs $15,000.





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