Wheels.ca asks: Is converting your car for alternative fuel worth it?  Sage advice is to make sure there are refueling or recharging stations in your area before you acquire your vehicle.  In many areas there are very few, if any. If you live in North America you can use this site to find natural gas stations and prices. The Auto Channel reports that there are about 10,000 alternative fuel stations in the US. This compares with 160,000 gasoline stations.

msn wants to know if natural gas is a viable option to power our cars. The author takes us through the pros and cons of buying a natural gas powered vehicle.

gminsidenews gives us a Downunder experience with a 2012 Holden LPG Caprice which runs on liquified petroleum gas. (with h/t Fred.)

From Truckinginfo we learn that Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores will be opening 10 new publicly accessible compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations in the US state of Oklahoma. The addition of these new stations pushes the number of CNG stations in the state to more than 70.

Trinidad & Tobago is getting 40 new CNG stations says the Guardian. Currently there are 8 CNG stations in the Caribbean nation. The government says its plans to implement a tax credit on CNG kits for private car owners and to remove the importation tax on CNG kits, as incentives for drivers to switch to natural gas.







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