Check out eBay’s new Green Driving website if you are looking for fuel efficient vehicles.  Enhanced Online News talks about the site here and you can go to the eBay website hereIt offers a variety of tools and resources to help reduce fuel consumption and save at the gasoline pump. Fuels include natural gas, electric, hybrid, diesel and ethanol.  You can search for your next natural gas vehicle here.

The Gulf state of Qatar is looking at using compressed natural gas (CNG) as a transportation fuel we learn from MENAFM. Qatar Petroleum and the nationally owned bus company, Mowasalat, are studying the feasibility of introducing CNG to fuel public transport vehicles in the natural gas rich country. The study will include a pilot project to observe the fuel’s performance in a fleet of specially equipped buses.

GM has announced it will be producing a pickup truck that runs on CNG reports WNEM. The heavy-duty Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra 2500 HD will  have the option of running on CNG or gasoline. The post says the current average price of CNG in the US is equivalent to $1.89 per gallon of gasoline. At this price level, drivers could save $5,000 to $10,000 over a three-year period using CNG, depending on their driving habits.

ImaginePittsburgh has information on the economics of natural gas fuel for commercial fleets.

The Wyoming Business Report looks at the obstacles to natural gas becoming a mainstream transportation fuel in the US.  .The primary problem is replicating the nationwide gasoline/diesel service station network. Some estimate this would cost about $120 billion as each station costs roughly $750,000 to build. And there is the chicken and egg problem. Businessmen don’t want to build a fueling station for cars that aren’t yet on the road, and fleet managers and consumers don’t want to buy a car or expensive conversion for a car they can’t get fuel for. To jump start the move to natural gas, it appears that governments will have to step in (as they have with electric vehicles) and either build natural gas fueling stations or provide incentives for the private sector to do so. In this regard, the Green Car Congress notes that the California Energy Commission has made almost $3 million available to help bring 125 buses and trucks powered by natural gas to the state’s highways.

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  1. Skip says:

    The EPA scares people from buying CNG conversion kits by saying the kit “must be EPA approved”. And now, states like California have simply said “yes, we agree, the driver must spend $15,000 on an EPA certified kit in order to pass our emissions test”.

    This is wrong. IF the EPA would get out the the way then more people could buy a reliable CNG conversion kit like the ones at The the law of supply and demand would play into shape, and CNG pumps would be everywhere. SkyCNG kits are only about $1000 each. Their quality is just as good, if not better than EPA kits. SkyCNG just hasnt paid the huge fees for the EPA “blessing” of the kit.