For those of you with an interest in the geopolitics of energy, here are some articles that delve deeper into this important topic.

Significant discoveries of shale oil and gas in the US, Canada and Argentina, off shore crude oil in Brazil, and the Canadian oil sands are shifting the global energy supply’s center of gravity towards the Americas and challenging the economic power of Russia, OPEC and the Middle East. Add to this situation large finds of conventional natural gas off of East Africa and Israel and massive shale oil and gas finds in China which are sure to only further complicate a quickly changing energy landscape.

For a glimpse of how our energy world is being transformed, here are the highlights of the recent International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2012:

China, India and the Middle East will account for 60% of the increase in global energy demand to 2035.

The United States is projected to become the world’s largest oil producer around 2020, overtaking Saudi Arabia until the mid-2020s.

North America is projected to become a net oil exporter around 2030, which will accelerate the shift in the direction of international oil trade toward Asia.

Iraq will make the largest contribution to global supply growth to 2035 and will become a key supplier to Asia, especially China.

Unconventional natural gas will account for half of the increase in global gas production to 2035 with the United States, China and Australia providing most of the increase.



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At the Rice University Center for Energy Studies you can download the following:

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