Climate Spectator reports China has prioritized the use of natural gas by vehicles and ships. China has announced a new natural gas policy designed to spur the transport sector’s use of liquefied natural gas (LNG). For the first time, the government has targeted the transport sector (buses, taxis, trucks, and marine vessels) as preferred users of natural gas. Natural gas will replace diesel which is currently the primary fuel used in the transportation sector.

The UK has a program to encourage road haulage operators in the UK to buy and use LNG vehicles we learn from gasworld. The program will track the usage of LNG and provide an opportunity to rigorously test CNG refueling systems.

Iran leads the world with natural gas vehicles according to Iran Focus. in 2011 it became the world leader in natural gas vehicles with some 2.9 million on the road, passing Pakistan. Other countries with a large number of natural gas vehicles are Argentina, Brazil and India. The government began promoting natural gas about a decade ago in response to thick blankets of smog began to engulf Tehran and its 12 million inhabitants. 40% of the nation’s vehicle fleet has the ability to use natural gas.

Chystler’s CEO says compressed natural gas (CNG) will end US dependence on foreign oil we learn from hybridCARS. Sergio Marchionne said  it is “most shocking” that the auto industry is not throwing its might behind natural gas, which has been found in abundance in the United States. “A rapid adoption of CNG as a fuel source for automotive applications would almost instantly kill the reliance on foreign oil, and it would bring about a substantial reduction in emissions. Those are opportunities that need to be grabbed and they need to be industrialized. Especially with large vehicles like pickups and large SUVs, we could probably accommodate the installation of CNG tanks within the next 24 to 36 months.” See also Gas2 Fiat-Chrysler CEO: CNG Will Set U.S. Free.

The US states of  Tennessee and Pennsylvania are giving public seminars on the benefits of CNG from an economic, environmental and national security perspective.

Clean Energy has released its 2nd edition of “Road to Natural Gas”. The report updates the list of US truck companies, refuse haulers, fleet operators, airports, municipalities and other organizations which are making the switch to natural gas fuel, fueling stations and services provided by Clean Energy Fuels Corp.The company is the largest US provider of natural gas fuel (CNG. LNG) for transportation in North America.

Two US pick-up trucks are now running on CNG. hybridCARS reports the 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 CNG truck production has started. And edmunds reviews the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD.

Next-Gen Transportation News reviews a CNG bi-fuel Ford F-250 pick-up truck and a Ford E-350 propane autogas pick-up truck. (See here.)

The US city of Santa Fe, New Mexico is purchasing 4 new CNG waste removal trucks says Santa Fe New Mexican. These will be the 5th CNG truck in the fleet. Santa Fe city buses have been largely powered with natural gas since the system began in the early 1990s, and the city has purchased several CNG cars and trucks for use by employees in recent years.

The US city of St. Cloud, Minnesota is on a path to convert its buses to CNG. sctimes tell us Metro Bus will begin purchasing CNG buses in 2014 and within 8 years, all of its larger buses will be replaced with vehicles that run on this fuel.




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