23 million autogas vehicles will be operating globally by 2020 according to DailyFinance. A new report from Pike Research forecasts demand for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), commonly known as propane or autogas, will rise steadily through the remainder of this decade. By 2020 there will be 22.6 million autogas vehicles on roads worldwide. However, while cheaper than gasoline and diesel, increasing interest in natural gas as a vehicle fuel is likely to constrain future growth in the autogas market. In addition, its growth will be challenged without sufficient refueling infrastructure. Internal combustion engines can be easily converted to autogas by aftermarket operators.

The Christian Science Monitor asks: Are natural gas vehicles the future of cars?

A new Canadian website aims to boost natural gas vehicle sales we learn from Solid Waste & Recycling. Go With Natural Gas (www.gowithnaturalgas.ca) provides a central point of access for information about how switching to natural gas can lower emissions and reduce operating costs for truck and bus fleet owners.

ThomasNet says natural gas trucks are gaining momentum. Annual worldwide sales of natural gas trucks and buses are expected to more than double over the next seven years, growing from less than 70,000 in 2012 to more than 180,000 in 2019, a recent study by Pike Research forecasts. The market is being driven by conversion of refuse trucks, utilities, transit and, to a lesser degree, construction as they take advantage of record low natural gas prices in North America. PIRA Energy Group believes natural gas demand for large trucks and fleet vehicles could reduce diesel demand by 2.4 million barrels per day, about two-thirds of current daily consumption in the heavy trucking market. Fleet use of natural gas vehicles is expected to have the fastest penetration in terms of market share.

PRWeb tells us about the first wheel chair accessible minivan to run on CNG in the US. It will run on both CNG and unleaded gasoline with a driving range in excess of over 600 miles – the most of any current commercial van.

The 2013 Dodge Ram CNG pick-up truck is out in the US and we have a review. Read PickupTrucks First Drive: 2013 Ram HD 2500 CNG. The bi-fuel vehicle has an 18.2-gallon CNG tank along with an eight-gallon gasoline tank. The vehicle’s total range is estimated to be around 370 miles. The CNG tank costs about $35 to fill versus $140 for the gasoline equivalent.

In California Honda is offering a $3000 fuel card to promote its CNG Civic reports Bloomberg. The fuel debit card can be used only at all Clean Energy Fuels stations in the state.

Waste and recycling company Republic Services is busy buying natural gas vehicles for its truck fleet in the US.  In York, Pennsylvania it opened a CNG fueling station and unveiled the first of its 65 trucks for the state.  The trucks will be replacing about two-thirds of the current diesel truck fleet. In Austin, Texas Republic added four CNG vehicles to serve on routes in the greater Austin area. 72 CNG trucks are being added in St. Louis, Missouri. This year Republic plans to add 548 natural gas vehicles, or 65% of its total truck purchase, to 18 facilities at various locations in the country.

The town of Thoamsville, Georgia in the US has added four CNG waste removal trucks we learn from WALB.

Cleveland informs us that J Rayl Transport, an Ohio freight hauler,  is replacing its 200 diesel trucks with CNG. The company will also build a CNG refueling station. With the cost of diesel at $4 per gallon — more than twice the price of natural gas — the company, expects the investment to pay for itself in about two years.

Wall St. Cheat Sheet tells us about “CNG in a Box.”  Created by GE and Chesapeake Energy, it is a ready-to-go alternative fueling solution that taps into natural gas lines and produces compressed natural gas (CNG) that can be used to power taxis, trucks, and personal vehicles cleanly and efficiently. The system can be located at standard fueling stations alongside existing gasoline and diesel pumps, and would look and feel very similar to the pumps with which consumers are already familiar. GE and Chesapeake say using CNG can reduce annual fuel costs by up to 40%. The companies plan to install two of the $750,000 “CNG in a Box” systems in Texas with future plans forWest Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. See also ValueWalk Chesapeake Energy And GE Launch CNG In A Box System (with photo)

Love’s Travel Stops has opened its first rapid fueling CNG refueling pumps for trucks. NewsOK says the pumps are located on Interstate 40 in the US state of Oklahoma. It is believed to be the first such public facility in the country that is located alongside diesel pumps. Love’s has put in CNG fueling stations at about a dozen of its Oklahoma locations, but this is its first for fueling trucks. Trucks require rapid-fueling technology to keep drivers on schedule. See also Truckinginfo Love’s Opens First “Fast Fill” CNG Facility for Heavy-Duty Trucks.

Springfield, Missouri has its first public CNG station according to KY3 while Weld County in Colorado has its second CNG station says equities.




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