Next-Gen Transportation tells us a police department in the US state of Georgia is running on propane autogas. The police department in Sandy Springs has completed the conversion of 25 of its Ford Crown Victoria cruisers to run on both autogas and gasoline. Another 40 vehicles will be converted in the next few months. The switch to autogas is saving the department $1.70 per gallon.

Seeking Alpha discusses The Beauty of Natural Gas Transportation.

For the first time, the U.S. government’s fuel-economy regulations allow credits to be given to the manufacturers of natural gas cars posts MyPerfectAutomobile.(with video) This will provide a big boost for the Honda Civic Natural Gas car, the only manufactured CNG car sold in the U.S. retail market. (Other CNG cars in the US are after-market conversions.)

The Rose City Senior Center in Norwich, Connecticut has a natural gas powered bus according to theday. The 16-passenger bus with an additional two wheelchair spots will be will be used for daily transportation services at the senior center.

UPI Energy Resources says Russian energy company Gazprom plans to upgrade gas transmission facilities and target the natural gas vehicle sector in Belarus. Gazprom wants to expand the use of natural gas as a source of transportation fuel in the former Soviet republic.

Truckinginfo discusses the hurdles for US trucking fleets wishing to use natural gas fuel. More than half of large carriers say they are considering buying natural gas fueled trucks according to a new study from Transport Capital Partners and ACT Research. However, they see barriers in the form of a lack of natural gas refueling infrastructure and the high cost of NGVs. Three-fourths of carriers surveyed said they would need a payback in only one to two years to encourage them to make a purchase decision. Almost half of the carriers would require a commercial natural gas fueling station to be within 100 miles of their operations. 29% of carriers expect natural gas fuel will account for under 5% of their fleet five years from now, 27.8% believe it will account for 16-25%, and 19% predict it will account for 6-15% of their fleet.

The UK government is working with 13 companies in a demonstration program to encourage commercial vehicles to use alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas and liquified natural gas. Transport Engineer says the 2 year program will include 28 vehicles fueled by CNG or LNG  blended with biomethane as well as 40 dual-fuel, 40-tonne articulated trucks running on diesel or natural gas.  The program will also build or upgrade existing infrastructure to offer natural gas to the general public. See also Next-Gen Transportation U.K. Program Supporting Large Number Of Alt-Fuel Vehicles.

Next-Gen Transportation says Gulf Oil has deployed 34 LNG trucks in northeast England. The company also intends to start supplying LNG to its customers in the transportation sector and to other bulk users and to assist customers in converting their fleets to natural gas.

The same source tells us SCR Medical Transportation, a Chicago-based provider of paratransit services, is buying 11 Dodge Grand Caravan CNG vehicles. The fleet will provide paratransit services in a six-county area in northeastern Illinois.

The US city of Compton, California is exploring the use of CNG vehicles by updating its fleet of trucks extensively used by the City’s Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Fire and Water Departments. The Sacramento Bee reports city officials have met with Niyato Industries to consider purchasing a dual-fuel (gasoline and CNG) pick-up truck referred to as the CNG 150 or N-150.  The N-150 has a range of 650 miles on both fuels. If equipped with only the larger CNG tank, it can travel up to 880 miles before refueling. Niyato Industries is targeting municipalities like Compton to consider updating their fleets to CNG vehicles to save fuel costs. Presently Compton pays about $3.35 per gallon for gasoline while the cost of CNG is only $1.85.

phillyburbs tells us the first CNG station has opened in southeastern Pennsylvania.

examiner talks about Wise Gas Inc. which opened the first south Florida CNG station in Fort Lauderdale last year and has recently opened a new station in Pompano Beach.  The company has plans to open a half-dozen other stations around the state, including one in Miami it hopes to open by year’s end. Its CNG sells for $2.19 per gallon — one-third cheaper than regular gasoline.

waste360 informs us waste and recycling company Waste Management Inc.. has opened a CNG fueling station in Mesa, Ariz., and debuted its new fleet of 26 CNG-powered waste collection vehicles to serve the area. The firm currently operates 30 CNG vehicles in Arizona and said it will add more in 2013. The company operates nearly 1,700 CNG and LNG vehicles in North America.

Truck Trend examines how the low price of natural gas in North America is pushing producers and marketers of natural gas to enlarge the availability of the fuel as an option for car and truck drivers. Presently the focus is on major metropolitan areas with population centers where stations can generate more revenue in the  larger population centers. While natural gas is currently a fleet transportation fuel (commercial vehicles, government fleets), some say it will become popular among automobile drivers when there is the availability of home refueling, much like has been the case with electric cars.

KTUL tells us CNG stations are sprouting up in the US state of Oklahoma. A couple of years ago there were 40 public stations in the state. By next summer there should be about 90. Recently a station opened with the price of $1.50 per gallon, less than half the price of gasoline.

Hartford Business reports 9 cities in the US state of Connecticut will share a $20 million federal grant for transportation projects to improve traffic flow, air quality and energy use. Norwich will receive $2.1 million for natural gas fueling stations and vehicles.  See also Norwich to receive $2 million grant for alternative fuel station, new vehicles at theday.

CantonRep notes a dairy in the US state of Ohio has opened a CNG refueling station. The Smith Dairy Products station, open to the general public and fleets, is selling the fuel for $1.95 per gallon.The dairy also has 6 CNG trucks that run delivery routes in Northeast Ohio.



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