According to Natural Gas Vehicles for America, an organization dedicated to growing the market for natural gas, there are about 120,000 natural gas vehicles in the U.S. That’s less than 1% of the total number of NGVs in the world. NGV for America expects the U.S. number to grow in the coming years.

The Zanesville Times Recorder in Zanesville, Ohio tells us what it is like to drive a Honda Civic natural gas vehicle.

The US city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is hosting a compressed natural gas (CNG) summit on September 19th reports Next-Gen Transportation. The summit will examine all the issues related to fleet conversions to CNG. In Oklahoma, CNG currently retails for $1.60/gal. or less.

15 companies in Florida are pushing for state incentives to promote natural gas as a transportation fuel in that US state reports The Sacramento Bee. The group, called The Florida Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, is seeking incentives that already exist in Texas and other states. The group is responding to the significant fuel-cost differential between diesel/gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). See also Next-Gen Transportation Wheels In Motion To Make Florida The Next Hotbed For Natural Gas Vehicles.

Audi is coming out with a CNG version of the Audi A3 says MyPerfectAutoMobile.

fourwheeler tells us about a 2012 Ford 250 Super Duty pick-up truck that has been converted to run on CNG and gasoline.

Tire Review tells us about a new study by ACT Research on the viability of natural gas as a long-term fuel for truck transportation of heavy freight in the U.S. The 180 page study examines the supply and production of natural gas, the infrastructure for distributing the product to the market, trucker willingness to use natural gas, and truck manufacturer’s ability to produce trucks fueled with natural gas. The study concludes with an estimate of the use of natural gas in the U.S. long-term.





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