China is holding the 2012 International Natural Gas Vehicle Summit in October in Sichuan’s capital city of Chengdu reports Market Watch. The summit will focus on the Asian and global natural gas vehicle (NGV) market. The conference will include representatives from oil and gas companies, LNG plants, LNG trade and logistics companies, equipment providers, automotive manufacturers, automotive engine and related suppliers, third-party institutions and others. Some 100 participants from more than 80 companies from all over the world will attend the conference. Among the topics to be discussed will be the future natural gas vehicle market, the geographic layout of NGV filling stations, NGV technologies and production scale, technical breakthroughs and servicing equipment.

The Auto Channel tells us about the CNG market in Latin America. A new report from Research and Markets looks at the prospect for these vehicles over the next 5 years. By 2015 there will be 6.8 million CNG vehicles on the road in this part of the world. One of the key factors contributing to market growth is the cost advantage of CNG over petrol.  The CNG market will also benefit from an increasing number of bi-fuel vehicles. However, the high cost of CNG vehicles could be a factor in limiting their growth.

The Sacramento Bee reports on the CNG market in the Asia-Pacific region. Reportlinker forecasts the compressed natural gas vehicle market in this part of the world will reach 15 million units by 2015. Factors increase growth are rising petrol prices and the increased number of bi-fuel vehicles being produced. Potential constraints are available natural gas supply and insufficient refueling infrastructure.

CENS says global sales of light-duty natural-gas vehicles will grow steadily over the next 7 years. A new report from Pike Research forecasts global sales to reach 3.2 million vehicles in the year 2019. This would result in a cumulative total of 25.4 million light-duty NGVs on the road by 2019. The current high costs of gasoline and diesel oil, along with the substantial and growing supplies of low-cost natural gas in many countries, are leading to renewed interest from both consumers and fleets for NGVs. Senior research analyst Dave Hurst says:. “Many governments have promoted the growth of NGVs, either by offering reduced taxes on the vehicles or by increasing investment in refueling infrastructure.” While most areas of the world will see a large demand for commercial vehicles, Latin America and the Middle East will see a greater interest in passenger cars. The largest regional market for NGVs by the end of this decade will be the Asia-Pacific, led by Pakistan, which had 2.7 million NGVs on the road at the end of 2012, as well as strong growth in Thailand, India, and China.

Norway’s Fjord Line Cruise Ferries will be powered solely by liquified natural gas (LNG) according to NGV Global News. Norwegian shipping company Fjord Line has two new cruise ferries under construction at Bergen Group Fosen. Both will be powered solely by LNG. The company claims the first of these vessels, MS Stavangerfjord, will be the first and largest cruise ferry in the world to sail with a “single LNG engine” when it goes into operation in 2013. When both vessels are in service, travelers will be offered daily departures all year round on the routes between Bergen, Stavanger and Hirtshals, and between Hirtshals and Langesund.

The city of Chongqing, China has 95 LNG buses we learn from NGV Global News.

Clean Energy Fuels Corp has released “The Road to Natural Gas,” a listing of North American trucking companies, refuse haulers, fleet operators, airports, municipalities and other organizations which have signed new or expanded existing agreements with Clean Energy to provide natural gas transportation fuel and other services for their vehicles and fleets.

NGV Global News reports Veolia ES Solid Waste, Inc. has introduced a new fleet of CNG trucks in the US state of Wisconsin.  The 13 new CNG-powered trucks and a CNG fueling infrastructure that includes 48 fueling bays are located in the city of Waunakee. It is the first private sector company to bring CNG technology to the state of Wisconsin. The fleet of trucks will serve over 25,000 households across the greater Madison area, as well as the single-stream recycling needs of over 5,000 commercial and industrial customers across Dane, Green and Sauk counties.

The city of Pomona, California has replaced its diesel fleet of refuse trucks with CNG trucks according to NGV Global News. The vehicles, expected to be delivered in September 2012, include 20 side-loaders and 2 rear-loaders for the city’s solid waste management fleet.

The Standard-Examiner informs us the US state of Utah has the most natural gas refueling stations per capita in that country. There are about 13,000 registered natural gas-fueled vehicles in Utah and 32 CNG fueling stations.

NGV Global News notes that Italy has opened its fourth LNG fueling station in the country. Stations now exist in Vanzetti, Varna, Villafalletto, and Poirino.



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