A High Court has ordered that all vehicles in the Indian state of Gujarat must be converted to natural gas within one year reports moneycontrol. Observers say that it may be quite difficult to implement this order within the given time frame such as converting diesel engines and two-wheeled scooters to compressed natural gas. The intent of the High Court order is to create a pollution free environment in the west coast state.

Taxis in Abu Dhabi are being converted to run on petrol and compressed natural gas. gulfnews says this action is the result of a 2010 decree by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council in 2010 that all taxi franchises have to convert 25% of their fleet to CNG fuel systems by the end of 2012. See also The Gulf Today Abu Dhabi govt cars to take CNG route, 25% by year-end.

In Tanzania cars using natural gas are now a reality reports IPPmedia. Natural gas is selling for about 1/3 less than petrol in the African country. Any vehicle can use natural gas after installing special conversion equipment to change the system. Moreover, the government has made conversion more attractive by removing the taxes on natural gas. Currently Tanzania has only one natural gas filling station located at Ubungo Maziwa in Dar es Salaam, but the government says it is planning to add two more at Mwenge and Mikocheni.

Businessweek informs us 21 US states are asking U.S. auto manufacturers to produce compressed natural gas vehicles for state vehicle fleets. Led by Oklahoma, 13 states signed an agreement to purchase CNG vehicles for use in state fleets. Eight other states have signed on since then. The request was made to 19 automakers a week after the Governors of Oklahoma and Colorado met with auto executives in Detroit. See also NewsOK Oklahoma, 20 other states seek bids for CNG vehicles. The states said they are ready to purchase CNG-powered compact and midsize cars, four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, and cargo vans. Oklahoma Governor Fallin explained: “By incorporating more CNG vehicles into our state fleets, we can save tax dollars by reducing the amount we spend on fuel. We can also support the use of American-made energy that will help create jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”

The News-Star notes the city of Shawnee, Oklahoma is considering switching its city vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. The city is currently doing research to see what would be required to make the switch and how much it could cost. Current gasoline prices in Shawnee are about $3.30 per gallon compared with $1.35 per gallon for CNG.

Several central Ohio municipalities are looking at converting their fleets to CNG says This Week Community News. The municipalities include New Albany, Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Worthington, Jefferson Township, the Central Ohio Transit Authority, Columbus City Schools and Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools. Dublin and Columbus already are using some CNG in vehicles and have a CNG fueling station. The municipalities are part of a joint study to determine the cost of CNG conversion and building refueling stations.

Truck Trend says the US market for natural gas heavy trucks is growing. With the price of diesel fuel about $4 a gallon, demand for natural gas-powered trucks is growing. Projections for 2012 sales totals for natural gas heavy trucks are 5100 units, increasing to 9500 in 2013, and as high as 12,500 in 2014.

Truckinginfo mentions a partnership to build a network of CNG stations in Texas. Trillium CNG and AMP Americas announced a joint venture to start constructing fueling stations along the I-65 and I-75 trucking corridors and major routes in Texas, with the first station to begin construction this fall. The stations will be open to the public, though the primary customers will likely be heavy-duty and long-haul trucking fleets.

The Rangers writes about the growing interest in natural gas fueling stations in the US state of Wyoming.







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  1. […] in July and August we told you the governors of 22 US states approached several US auto manufactures with a […]

  2. […] Two weeks ago we noted that 22 US states approached several US auto manufactures with a proposal to purchase natural gas vehicles for their fleets. The request was made to 19 automakers a week after the Governors of Oklahoma and Colorado met with auto executives in Detroit. Now Businessweek reports the auto companies went to Oklahoma City last week to meet with the states representatives to discuss the details of such a purchase. Responses from auto manufacturers and dealers are due September 7th and purchasing officials expect to award a contract by October 5th. The contract includes the potential purchase of as many as 60 compact sedans, 850 mid- to full-size sedans, 400 half-ton trucks and 480 three-quarter ton trucks. Ford Motor Co., Chrysler, and General Motors Co. all produce CNG-powered three-quarter ton pickup trucks, and Honda Motor Co. has produced a CNG-powered Civic since 1998. Now the state officials are hoping their solicitation prompts manufacturers to consider producing even more CNG vehicles. […]