The Business Standard tells us that surging petrol price boosts sales of CNG-fuelled vehicles in India. Rapid increases in the price of petrol over the past year have doubled the demand for cars running on compressed natural gas. Auto manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, has seen its CNG vehicle sales rise from a monthly average of 1,700 units to over 4,000 units over the past 18 months. CNG is selling at about 1/3 of the price of petrol and 20% less than diesel.

Fleets in the US continue to switch to natural gas. Beemac Trucking, a heavy-duty flat-bed carrier that specializes in hauling steel products across the continental U.S, is adding a CNG station and 18-23 CNG-powered trucks to its fleet in Pennsylvania. Water utility company, Aqua America, announced it was converting 20 dump trucks and 60 vans in Pennsylvania to CNG where the fuel is selling at 50% below gasoline and diesel. Waste Management GI Industries added 23 new CNG waste collection vehicles to its fleet in Ventura county, California. Rogue Disposal & Recycling in Oregon is adding 2 CNG trucks to its fleet. One-third of the waste removal trucks in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be CNG. In addition, the city is building two CNG fuel stations to be made available to the public.

While they haven’t made the switch to natural gas yet, others are thinking about it. The Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia is considering moving its municipal fleet of more than 1,500 vehicles to natural gas. The New Mexico Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, a collection of oil and gas companies, alternative fuel vehicle experts and local officials, is discussing the feasibility of building a compressed natural gas filling station in the city of Farmington. The station would be primarily used by local business fleets and a few city vehicles. The counties of Longview and Gregg Louisiana are exploring converting all or part of their municipal fleets to natural gas. A school board in Evansville, Indiana is going to test a CNG school bus to determine if it should  convert all or some of its vehicles to compressed natural gas.



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