Gas Today sees a window of opportunity for natural gas vehicles in Australia. Experts in natural gas vehicle technology and policy say this is the opportune time for Australia to embrace NGVs given is abundant natural gas resources and a need to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The barriers are a lack of natural gas refueling infrastructure and investment in natural gas transportation vehicles.

In CNG pulled out of the box in the US Gas Today tells about a partnership between GE and Chesapeake Energy to speed up the natural gas vehicle network in that country.  The purpose is to leverage GE’s global oil and gas technological knowledge with Chesapeake’s expertise in developing innovative fueling solutions to lower the ownership and operational costs of natural gas vehicle fueling stations. GE will provide more than 250 modular CNG compression stations, also known as ‘CNG in a box’. The technology takes natural gas from a pipeline and compresses it onsite at an industrial location or at a traditional automotive refilling station to then turn it into CNG. A CNG vehicle, such as a taxi, bus or small truck, can then refill its tank using a traditional fuel dispenser. The post has an image of what the CNG box technology looks like.

My Perfect Automobile introduces us to the Volkwagon Passat CNG Hybrid. Officially called Volkswagen Passat Variant Ecofuel, it is only available on a very limited basis in select European and Middle Eastern markets. The car runs on CNG and petrol. The post has a video of the car. See also Drive Arabia First drive: 2012 Volkswagen Passat Ecofuel CNG in Dubai.

The US city of Pensacola, Florida is getting 50 CNG waste removal trucks reports North Escambia.

The US state of Georgia is getting a network of 9 natural gas refueling stations says savannahnow.  5 stations will be in the Atlanta area. The stations will initially be for commercial fleets.

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