Previously we wrote about the new developments in “cold fusion” or what others are calling low energy nuclear reactions (LENR).  LENR is being viewed not as fusion but as some new form of nuclear reaction related to nuclear decay brought about by the weak force. If true, it appears to produce even more energy than fusion.

As an update to that earlier post we find that Al Fin Energy has some cogent comments, including more on the potential energy from LENR as the driving force keeping researchers intrigued.


Al Fin Energy

Friday, December 09, 2011

Multiple Viewpoints on LENR and Cold Fusion

Brian Westenhaus has an interesting look at recent developments in LENR / Cold Fusion. Brian links to two posts at Next Big Future (here and here) where one can find Brian Ahern’s presentation slides on his proposed mechanism for the LENR effect. One can also find slides from NASA’s look at LENR at the links, along with a number of other “links to links” which provide even more scientific research information on the LENR theory.

Wow. The Zawodny slides are a short review of the technology, an organizational chart and a short list of the engineering needed to take LENR one more step closer. The prime notation might be slide 30, pointing up the need to engineer both the composition and structure of reactor materials.

Zawodny also offers us an informative slide worthy of long term and widespread dissemination. Simply put, chemical energy release compared to fission nuclear = 1:1,900,000 ; fusion nuclear = 1:7,300,000 ; LENR = 1:8,000,000. This clears up why the non-mainstream physicists and the followers are so tenacious on staying with the technology until it becomes useful. Thank you Mr. Zawodny. _NewEnergyandFuel

So it looks like more information is being made available to the general public from the actual researchers who have looked into LENR / cold fusion. This newly public information should help fence sitters to decide one way or another, or perhaps to at least look for a better seat on the fence.

Al Fin energy analysts have felt for decades that the Cold Fusion / LENR phenomenon is an intriguing phenomenon that is waiting for a scientific explanation. But even with this new information, it is not clear that we are close to reliable commercial products.

Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat presentations have been permeated in secrecy, so that no iron-clad evaluation of the technology was possible, at least according to most observers present. But we should not judge the entire LENR phenomenon by Mr. Rossi’s wild and perhaps premature rush to the marketplace.

The information that is coming from Ahern, Bushnell, other NASA scientists, Miley (U. of Illinois), Piantelli, etc. seems to confirm that there is indeed something there to study. But we will not know what to expect from the phenomenon until either the basic science is explicated, or until someone like Rossi presents reliable, workable products as a fait accompli.


Also see the Nebraska Engineer, NASA seriously believes in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)




OILPRICE reports that Andrea Rossi may have sold 13 E-Cats already. He also recently met with the state of Massachusetts, MIT, Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts about the logistics and feasibility of manufacturing cold fusion generators for household use. Said Robert Tamarin, dean of sciences at the University of Massachusetts:

 “…knowing the reputation of cold fusion, I went in with a very healthy level of scepticism” but, “if it’s successful, no one wants to have to say later that we walked away from it.”

Rossi is planning to return to Massachusetts soon, with the hope of getting ”something started in a matter of weeks, not months.”



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