At the blog coppertalk, John Hipchen, Technical Marketing Consultant, Exel Consulting Group takes us through the steps of buying an electric car in his multi-part EV Adventures.

Learn about the EV buying and driving experience and get John’s savvy advice as he goes about searching for the car that is perfect for him.

EV Adventures – Part 1: A consumer’s experience –  finding the electric car to suit his needs

EV Adventures – Part 2: Does An EV Really Make Sense for our Household and Business?

EV Adventures – Part 3: The Nissan Leaf Purchase “Program”

EV Adventures – Part 4: The EV/Leaf Evaluation

EV Adventures – Part 5: The Nissan Leaf – Specifications and Quote

EV Adventures – Part 6: What’s UP Next in My EV Adventure?

John’s EV Adventure: Getting Ready for the Charger Installation and Vehicle Delivery





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