Sustainable Business reports that Germany has upped its renewable energy targets as it seeks to replace its voluntary phase-out of nuclear energy with alternative sources over the next decade.

New legislation increases the country’s renewable energy target to 35 to 40% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.  The new law will also raise payments for biomass, geothermal, and offshore wind.  In addition it maintains its system of incentives for solar PV and onshore and offshore wind.

The latest revisions are significant because the world has been watching how Germany will meet its energy needs after deciding to shut down its nuclear industry after the meltdown  in Japan. 

Renewable energy is now required to provide the following portion of Germany’s electricity generation:

  • 35-40% by 2020
  • 50% by 2030
  • 65% by 2040
  • 80% by 2050

As for the feed-in-tariffs (FIT), Germany increases biomass almost 30%, geothermal more than 50%, and offshore wind 15%

In the near to medium term, Germany will likely be dependent on a combination of Russian natural gas, French nuclear energy and coal from the Czech Republic.


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1 Comment on Germany Rolls The Dice

  1. Elroy Jetson says:

    The Germans are merely exporting their CO2 until they perfect their pure energy system. One can only wonder what the economic repercussions will be and what potentially horrible mess Germans will find themselves in when China and India glide past as Europe becomes less important as a customer base.