60 = Years that scientists have been attempting to produce a fusion reaction that creates more energy than it consumes.

About $20 billion = The estimated amount that will be invested by the world in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) by 2025. The original estimate was about $5 billion.

500 = Megawatts of energy ITER is hoping to produce from 50 megawatts of input.

5,000 = Workers at the ITER site during its peak construction.

60 soccer fields = The relative size of the ITER site.

23,000 tons = The weight of the ITER reactor, once it’s built (that’s more than 100 Statue of Liberties).

150 million degrees Celsius = The temperature ITER is designed to heat up hydrogen gas to in its donut-shaped Tokamak container.

2025 = When the ITER reactor is now expected to be fired up for the first time.

4.5 billion = The number of years fusion energy has kept our Sun blazing. It’s estimated that it will burn for another 4 billion more.


Source:   The World’s Largest Science Experiment — By The Numbers