India’s electric power generation will remain heavily dependent on coal for the next two decades despite ambitious plans to increase production of hydro-based, nuclear, wind and solar energy sources. The Indian government projects 52% of India’s total power generation in 2030-2031 will come from coal-fired plants, only marginally lower than the 57% level now.

A new deal by Russia’s Gazprom to market Israeli liquefied natural gas (LNG) puts Moscow firmly in the east Mediterranean energy sector. The 20-year LNG contract is between Gazprom and Trading Switzerland and Levant LNG Marketing.

BNSF, the largest railroad in the United States, plans to test running its locomotives on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The US and Saudi Arabia are approaching Russia as the world’s leading oil producer, with production rising 12% in the U.S. and 5.9% in Saudi Arabia last year. Russia’s had a meager 1.2% growth rate.

China has overtaken the US as the world’s largest net oil importe. The US has been the world’s largest net oil importer since the mid-1970s.

The Pew Charitable Trust said the US solar energy equipment sector has a $913 trade surplus with China. Pew said clean energy forms an extensive part of the lucrative trade relationship between China and the United States.

Dutch airline KLM announced it will have soon have a weekly flight between Amsterdam and New York powered by used cooking oil. The Boeing 777-200 will use a blend of 25% biofuel and 75% normal jet fuel. (See photo above.)

Researchers from the US and China have determined that a duckweed bio-refinery producing a range of gasoline, diesel and kerosene products can be economically competitive with petroleum-based processes, even in some cases without environmental legislation that penalizes greenhouse gas emissions.

The two biggest providers of electric car charging stations in the U.S. are teaming up so that drivers will more easily be able to find their combined 15,000 locations, and recharge by swiping a single card. The companies, ChargePoint and ECOtality, operate networks that handle about 90% of public car charging in the country.


with h/t Tom Whipple

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