Delta Airlines said that its 185,000 b/d refinery in the US state of Pennsylvania will be operational by the end of September. Delta, the only major U.S. carrier that owns a refinery, is trying to buy cheaper Bakken crude to boost savings on making jet fuel. Bakken crude can be purchased at a price similar to or lower than West Texas Intermediate crude.

South Africa says it will allow fracking to explore for shale gas in the semi-desert Karoo region known for its vast plains. South Africa has the world’s fifth-largest shale gas resources, behind China, the US, Canada and Argentina.

Exploration and development of shale gas in Europe could help the EU keep its dependency on gas imports at 60%, according to one of three studies commissioned by the European Commission.

Japan used 83 million tons of LNG in 2011, accounting for 14% of its total energy use.

A US railroad said it was expanding its rail network in the Great Plains to accommodate the need to transport oil. BNSF Railway, which operates 32,000 miles of rail in the US and Canada, said it was investing $197 million to extend tracks in North Dakota and Montana. The expansion would allow the railroad to transport 1 million barrels of crude per day from the region. Because the region developed so quickly there is a shortage of pipeline capacity.

China will subsidize the use of energy-saving desktop computers and air-conditioners in its latest effort to save energy and boost domestic demand.

California recently reached 1 GW of solar power generated electricity. That is equal to the production of two large gas-fired power plants.

Russia plans to unite its power grids in Europe and Asia, which may lead to electricity exports to Asia.


with h/t Tom Whipple

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